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Father’s Day!! Eyeglass Frames for Men

Finding the right present for your dad can pose a real challenge.  What essential gift can you get that is going to be fun, stylish, and masculine without breaking the bank?

Fortunately, your friends at Zenni have found some fashionable frames that easily hit the mark with stainless steel, memory titanium and plastic eyeglasses that will please even the most dicerning pop.  And with summer right around the corner, both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses rank high on the best-gifts-for-dad list.

Peruse these handpicked selections and others to find high-quality frames befitting a high-quality father!

Frame 265221
Consider this confident, full-rim model refined with silver temple-arm accents. The black frame with clear material around the inner lenses presents a top-notch appearance to compliment a polished look.

Frame 976312
Look no further than this sharp, professional, yet style-conscious pair. Architectural designer temple arms fill out the rectangular style of this stainless-steel half-rim frame.

Frame 752414
Dark brown acetate temples with gold alloy suurounding the lenses define this comfortable half-rim frame. Spring hinges provide additional durability and ease of use.

Frame 212611
This simple design has added sophistication of gold temple arm accents. This streamlined half-rim style also features the durability of memory titanium temple arms.

Frame 601916
The classic full-rim wayfarer-esque frame, this retro-style is updated with a marble-blue acetate. A standout appearance for great summertime or casual anytime look.

Frame 730612
This strong rectangular design presents a modern professional look. This medium wide, stainless steel, full-rim frame includes comfortable acetate temples.

fraem 581314
The eyeglasses for day-and-night solution is found in this refined, understated design. This half rim frame conveniently changes from sunglasses to clear lenses and back again with its matching polarized magnetic sunshade snap-on lens. No clips, no worries, all in this comfortable lightweight design!

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Add Tint for Sunglasses!

With the bright days of summer right around the corner, did you know you can order eyeglasses online from Zenni with tinted lenses?  Virtually any glasses, even bifocal or progressive eyeglasses, can be ordered on Zenni’s website with tint, whether for fashion or sunglasses.  Full rim, half rim, even rimless frame eyeglasses can be tinted to suit your style or use, and with tint only $4.95, it’s an option not to be overlooked. 

Let’s take a look at the website and see where tint can be added to an order:

After choosing a frame to order, you’re taken to a page to specify the details of the lenses. We’ve chosen a Progressive lens (sometimes called a no-line bifocal), and decided we’d like to tint them as sunglasses.

lens tint dropdown

This is a permanent tint on the lens, not to be confused with the Photochromic lens which changes shade according to the amount of sunlight present.

On a typical order page, the lens tint choices (highlighted in yellow above) are presented in a drop-down menu.  Click on the down arrow and you’re presented with a list of color options and intensities of tint to choose from.  Here we’ve chosen Grey in 80% intensity.  To see a full visual chart of the colors and intensities, roll your cursor on the blue question mark just to the right of the drop-down menu.

Each color of tint is available in three different intensities: 80%, 50% or 10%.

An 80% tint is a dark sunglass tint for bright outdoor conditions. We recommend the 80% Grey or Amber for most sunglass applications.

A 50% tint is a medium-light sunglass tint that is not too dark to make it unusable indoors, while giving some medium/light sunshade protection outdoors. For those who must move in and outdoors while keeping their glasses on, this is a good option.

A 10% tint is a very light cosmetic /fashion tint barely noticeable to the wearer, but provides a slight hint of color to people looking at the wearer- a great option to add some pizzaz to a special outfit or occasion!

Whether you’d like sunglasses for those summer days ahead, or want to create a new eyeglass fashion statement, the tint option at Zenni Optical has got you covered!

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Fashionable Glasses Complete the Look

We all want to look and feel our best when we’re out and about, and what better way than to don a stylish pair of eyeglasses and get noticed for our fashionable look?  Normally you’d have to spend an arm and a leg for anything even halfway chic, but Zenni’s got the selection and the prices to keep you in-style and in the black.  Check out the latest :
Frame #483925 – A cateye retro-look that’s fun and frisky!

Frame #271818 – Large frame with stylish temple design: perfect for sunglasses!

Frame #591511 – A full-rim stainless sporty frame – ideal for sunglasses, prescription or both!

You might be looking for vintage eyeglasses, stainless steel glasses, or just a nice fashoinable pair to wear with that special outfit.  Set them up with clear lenses, tinted as sunglasses, with or without prescription, the options are virtually limitless.  Whatever you choose, Zenni’s got your selection of quality prescription eyeglasses to suit your needs.

Here’s to looking your best, and making your look really shine with a great pair of eyeglasses!

See you out on the town!

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