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Love Zenni

I have been telling others about your site and prices for a few years, and decided to try it for myself. Being a broke college student, I decided to purchase aviator glasses with 80% grey tint! I love them! Also being environmentally aware, I want to commend you on very little packaging (Glasses come wrapped in wipe cloth inside hard plastic glasses case). I glasses arrived in less than two weeks. Job well done!

Name: Mandy
State: North Carolina

Saturday, July, 30 2011 by

Great Service!

I first bought glasses from Zenni Optical January 2011. They were not sure that I had input the correct values, and they promptly emailed me to set things straight. This being my first time purchasing glasses, I had no idea what to do. They sent me a refund as opposed to making an incorrect pair of glasses. Their customer service was extremely patient, and after scanning a copy of my prescription to them, they made sure everything was in order. I was extremely happy with my purchase and will be making another purchase this August.

Name: Monay

Friday, July, 29 2011 by


Just recieved my glasses and am truly impressed. The prescription is exact with no notable changes from my original glasses. Frame fits well and looks good.

Will be looking at buying another pair for myself or for my wife when she sees mine.

Great job Zennioptical!!!

Name: DGS
State: MB

Thursday, July, 28 2011 by

Best glasses ever

I took a fall down half a flight of concrete stairs. I ripped a hole in a pair of jeans, scrapped my leg up, my glasses flew off and the frame was bent and one lens popped out. I was able to not only reinsert the lens, but also re-bend the frame back in shape without the frame breaking. I was amazed. Those glasses were my first purchase with Zenni and I am glad I chose them.

Name: Antwon
State: GA

Tuesday, July, 26 2011 by

Highly recommended!

I had been told about ZenniOptical by a friend some years ago, but never were really able to buy frames from them until I was told by my doctor that I shouldn’t wear contacts anymore. Not wanting to be stuck in boring, run of the mill frames that were over priced and not what I was looking for, I went back to look at ZenniOptical, again.

There are so many frames to choose from, and so many that are great for people like myself that had such bad vision, there were also very stylish frames available that gave a ‘wrap around’ effect that helped hide the thickness of my lenses from the side.

I wore my beautiful frames for well over a year, received many compliments from people on them, even usually from people with high dollar, name brand glasses. ZenniOptical provided fashionable, and effective frames that even my eye doctor was impressed by the frames and the lenses themselves. The vision I had with these glasses were *perfect*.

I would recommend (and have) ZenniOptical to people looking for affordable and fashionable frames anytime. I can’t stress how happy I am with my frames, I’m even to the point where dispite having just had LASIK surgery done, I’m even planning on ordering a pair of non-prescription frames just like the ones I used to wear.

The model number I purchased is #590321, and again, these frames are a thousands times more impressive in person, thank you SO much ZenniOptical, you’ve been wonderful, and I look forward to my next pair!

Name: Leah
State: South Carolina

Tuesday, July, 26 2011 by