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I had my eyes examined at Pearl Vision since they were having a buy one and get one free sale…..After I had Picked the two that I wanted with all the bells and whistles, the sales clerk informed me that the bill was $850.00 >>>>.I nearly fell off the stool and I asked her if that incluided my free pair which she answered YES….I broke out in laughter, took the new prescription and headed home to buy them on Zenni… bill was just over $100 for both pairs……I know wherfe I am buying my glasses from now on….THANKS SO MUCH

Name: Patrick
State: Maryland

Sunday, July, 31 2011 by

Excellent service!!

I just ordered from Zenni for the fourth time. great quality and very cheap!!! one time i email them looking for a nut of my frameless glasses and they send me a repair kit the next following day , free!!! Defeninetly Zenni is Highly recommended !!! I just paid $60 for two pairs frameless wich will cost $300 each at a one hour place.

Name: manuel
State: FL

Sunday, July, 31 2011 by

third order and I stilbuy l love these glasses

I have pretty bad eyesight, to the point I’m not really a good candidate for Lasik. But, still being pretty vain, I like to have contacts w/ glasses to fall back on or when in a hurry. That can get pretty expensive and I usually have to cycle what to buy each year – alternating between glasses one year and contacts the next. As a result, my glasses always used to be about one year behind in prescription strength.

But these glasses are so great, I can buy contacts AND glasses all in the same year… AND presscription sunglasses, too! I’m on my third order w/ Zenni and I love my glasses. They have such great prices, I can even buy extra pairs just because I want a different frame. Awesome.

Name: Heather
State: CA

Saturday, July, 30 2011 by

Love Zenni

I have been telling others about your site and prices for a few years, and decided to try it for myself. Being a broke college student, I decided to purchase aviator glasses with 80% grey tint! I love them! Also being environmentally aware, I want to commend you on very little packaging (Glasses come wrapped in wipe cloth inside hard plastic glasses case). I glasses arrived in less than two weeks. Job well done!

Name: Mandy
State: North Carolina

Saturday, July, 30 2011 by


When I first heard about Zenni from a good friend, I was very skeptical at first. I didn’t know how comfortable I would be purchasing glasses from the web but after pricing glasses I grew very fond of the idea rather quickly with the help of the fore mentioned friend. I had been in my previous glasses for over 5 years (I know I know…not good) because I couldn’t afford glasses without insurance and they finally snapped in half while I was at work.
So I spent hours (that my 2 year old would allow anyway) browsing through the massive selection of frames, read all the info provided, reviews and talked with my friend about her experience. So…months later I finally caved and picked out a sensible, inexpensive pair that if I didn’t like I wouldn’t be out hard earned money. I made the order and waited…and waited…and waited some more. After nearly a week I utilized the Live chat feature and asked about my glasses when they had been at ‘manufactured’ for a week. The person who responded was VERY helpful and answered my questions directly without hesitation. I was very satisfied with the answers I had gotten and continued to wait. After over 2 weeks I used the VERY helpful Live Chat again and asked where my glasses were. Come to find out they had already been mailed out to me and sitting in my Po Box for 2 whole days! The dashboard didn’t say ‘complete’ it just stayed at ‘manufactured’… So of course I raced down to the post office and…
ZOMG am I so glad and excited that I made the purchase! The glasses are amazing, so much better then I could have hoped for. The prescription is perfect, the frames are so very cute and lenses are immaculate! I ordered clip on shades (to make my initial purchase an even amount) and they are great! I am so glad I took the risk and ordered from Zenni! The customer service is outstanding and the quality of the glasses far surpasses the ones I looked at in other places. How can people not know of this amazing site? I have told everyone I know that wears glasses and will continue to do so for a very long time! I can comfortably say that I will be a life long Zenni and will never pay retail for glasses again. I am just astounded at the quality and how fast my glasses were mailed to me (despite the confusion on my dashboard) and the customer service I received. I will definitely be ordering more and tell everyone about this wonderful hidden gem! Thank you so much Zenni, you’ve made this single mama a VERY happy (and money savvy) shopper!

Name: Toni
State: California

Saturday, July, 30 2011 by