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Zenni is the Future

I think Zenni is one of the most humane services on the planet. Think of all the poor people who couldn’t afford glasses. Now they can. A few days ago I ordered my very first pair of glasses to be delivered to New Zealand, and now I am wearing them. They are perfect! I am very happy. My optometrist had offered me their cheapest pair for $360. My Zenni glasses cost $26 including delivery. Unbelievable.
Thank you Zenni.

Name: Richard
State: New Zealand

Wednesday, August, 31 2011 by

Answer to Every College Student’s woes

So my contacts were breaking my piggy bank and hurting my eyes since I am a college student and am always glued to a screen. I LOVE ZO’s prices and style choices. I’m a bold chica and like making a statement and it just so happens that some of the more adventurous designs fit my face shape, personality and budget well! I just bought my second pair and I WILL BE BACK!

This site is a life saver! Thanks for your hard work!

Name: Kalena
State: Ga

Wednesday, August, 31 2011 by


I am in love with I ordered some glasses a year ago. I didn’t even need another pair as I already had one and my prescription had not changed–but I wanted to prove that this website was a hoax! I was EXTREMELY pleased with my order. I LOVE these glasses, in fact get tons of compliments on them and I LOVE to advertise for you, for free! LOL!

My daughter failed her first eye exam and needed glasses, I fell for the switch and bait of many optometrist offices and purchased her the expensive pair. When we go back for an eye re-check, regardless if her prescription has changed or not, I will be purchasing her a pair from Zenni- in fact will probably purchase a couple so she can interchange them with her outfits!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website! Thank you so much for helping a mom on a tight budget!

Erika Cole

Name: Erika
State: TN

Tuesday, August, 30 2011 by

Surprised and Satisfied

I found a pair of glasses I liked so much that I got them in two different colors. They arrived very quickly, but they were all scratched up. I was a little dissapointed but I have had this happen before at a brick&mortar store. I called customer service very late at night (smile) and they walked me through a simple return procedure. It did cost me return shipping, but a few days later I saw where ZO refunded this extra cost back to my bank account. Wow! Totally unexpected. My repaired glasses finally arrived about a week later and I have been loving them ever since. Fabulous customer service and product!

Name: Erin
State: FL

Tuesday, August, 30 2011 by

keeps getting better!

This was not my first time ordering glasses, however it was my first time ordering glasses with tinted lenses and sunglasses. WOW am i a happy customer. i wish it was payday so i could order some more. I think i might be addicted to ZenniOptical… like thats a bad thing! hah. way to go Zenni!

Name: Jason
State: MI

Monday, August, 29 2011 by