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Love my glasses!

Just got my glasses in the mail and I love them. They are the same quality as my previous glasses that I paid nearly $300 for! These are not $6.95 but they were about $200 cheaper than my last pair of glasses and $100 cheaper than what I was looking at at our local "express discount" eye store. I was nervous about ordering online but the fit and prescription seem perfect. I can’t wait to order another pair!

Name: Margaret
State: oh

Thursday, September, 29 2011 by

My RED Glasses

Every time I leave the house I get compliments on my red glasses. Fun and funky for $6.95, I’ll take it!

My entire extended family is now hooked on Zenni glasses.

No more paying $200 for glasses… thanks for changing the game!

Name: Monique
State: ME

Saturday, September, 24 2011 by

Repeat customer

I first heard of Zenni several years ago when I needed to update my prescription and was very satisfied with my experience. So when it came time to renew, there was no question in my mind that I would turn to Zenni again. I was very happy to see that their website was updated and made more user friendly, and throughout the ordering process, I received many helpful emails along the way. There were a few glitches in my order, but the fine customer service people were able to rectify them quickly! I am so happy with my glasses and the value (4 pairs for under $100.00 with shipping) that I will continue to turn to Zenni for my eyeglasses needs, as well as refer as many people as I can! Thanks, Zenni optical

Name: Stephanie
State: TEXAS

Monday, September, 19 2011 by

Zenni rocks!!!

I spent a ton of money on one pair of glasses at the store. I then saw a ad on Facebook for zenni. I took a look at it and saw what a incredible deal it was. I was skeptical at first but when my glasses arrived a week later I was hooked. I am now a 12 zenni pair owner. I love to change up my looks everyday and zenni gives me a affordable way to do that not to mention the 12 pairs combined costs less than I spent on th one pair at the store.

Name: Jenny
State: Texas

Saturday, September, 17 2011 by

Saving Big $$$

A few years back I went to get new glasses, I got them to a tune of $300.00 from a local store. I had the anti reflective added and the scratch resistant coating. I had to take them back 2 times because every day cleaning, with THEIR solution and cloth was scratching the lenses. The 3rd time I was told they wouldnt replace them again because I was obviously doing something to them. Ticked off I went to another local store, had the eye exam and bought glasses that I hated. On the way home I thought, "You can buy everything else on the net, why not look for eye glasses". I did a search and found Zenni. I bought my 1st pair of glasses from Zenni for a total of $57.00 which included shipping, they were the same glasses that I paid $300.00 for from my local store! That was almost 3 years ago, I shortly ordered another pair and was just as happy with those, and the scratch resistant coating?? It doesnt scratch! LOL…Last week I ordered my 3rd pair and cant wait to get them. Since then I’ve spread the word, now my husband, business partner, best friend and several family members order from Zenni, I am a believer!

Name: Shelly
State: Missouri

Saturday, September, 17 2011 by