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Very Pleased With Zenni !

Wow ! My glasses arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier !They are perfect . My new eye doctor referred me to Zenni and that was an excellent thing.

Although I wear contacts all day, I do need glasses for a couple of hours in the morning and at night. Putting off buying new glasses was easy to do-and my prescription traditionally was VERY expensive. WIth Zenni, I can have new glasses any time without expense being an issue. They are crafted well and SO stylish ! Love them and I thank all the staff at Zenni for putting out not only a great service but very good product !

Name: Michelle
State: NY

Saturday, November, 26 2011 by

Customer for Life

A number of years ago, I bought a pair of brown plastic rimless glasses on Newberry St in Boston. I loved the glasses – they were light weight and looked good on me. Unfortunately They cost me over $450 with progressive lenses and other "bits and pieces".

Then I found Zenni Optical.

They had a similar frame (Style 3411) and offered about 6 choices of colors. The practical part of my brain said: "why am I paying the store-front opticians so much money? If I buy these glasses at Zenni, and I don’t like them, what have I lost? With the progressive lenses, anti-reflection, etc I could lose/waste $60 if they don’t meet my expectations. (I didn’t even research the return policy). If I like them… $60 versus $450." In my opinion – not much of a gamble.

I received my order from Zenni, and was overwhelmed at the quality. With minor variations they were identical to the expensive glasses I bought on Newberry St… and I got my favorite color – blue.

Well, over time a few things have changed. Currently Zenni only offers 2 different "browns" in this frame. (Hey guys – more colors!!)
On the brighter side, some of the operational issues which resulted in longer-than-expected delivery have been ironed out – and delivery times have improved a lot.
The newer feature which allows you to import a snapshot of your own face to "try on" different frames – worked just so-so for me. But I’m trying rimless frames, so there isn’t much there.

I still don’t know what the return policy is – (if you get frames and you don’t like them…) I’ve never had to use this policy.

I don’t work for these guys. I am not being given anything to write this. I feel they deserve an honest testimonial – and this is mine.

More colors in frame 3411 guys!!

Name: Richard
State: Nevada

Friday, November, 25 2011 by

Thank You Zenni !!

I have Purchased 3 pairs of eyeglasses from Zenni…2 pair of prescription glasses, with no line-or progressive bi-focal lenses , and one matching pair of sunglasses with the same prescription. The total price for all 3 pairs isn’t even 1/2 the price I would have paid locally for ONE pair of glasses ! The quality of the glasses is comparable in every way to the ones that cost $400 to $500 at any local retailer. From now on , as I need glasses , I will always buy them from Zenni ! Thank You Very Much ! (and their customer service is great ! )

Name: Byron
State: Wi

Thursday, November, 24 2011 by

I love my glasses!!!!

I bought a pair of glasses from Zenni a year ago and I love them. The prices on all the glasses are so reasonable. They tried to sucker me in to buying the same exact glasses for $150 dollars more than what I paid here at Zenni. And I get sooo many compliments. When people ask me where I got my glasses, I’m more than happy to say where I got them and how much I paid for them. They quickly ask for the website. LOL.

I just ordered a new pair. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

Name: Tracy
State: CA

Friday, November, 18 2011 by

Progressives : Super Saver !!

A few years back I started wearing progressive lenses and even with insurance and not picking any fancy designer frames glasses still cost at least $ 275.- to $ 350.- a pair. About 2 yrs ago a co worker introduced me to Zennioptical and I finally ordered the 1st pair last year. The glasses arrived in record time and were perfect! Since then I have ordered another pair and about to place an order for more, now that there are more colorful frames in the progressive section to choose from. At these prices I am able to get about 5 to 6 pairs for what 1 pair would normally cost at the local optical store. Many co-workers are catching on and also ordering from Zenni now. I highly recommend this company – you won’t be disappointed and even with a more complex prescription ( progressive & astigmatism ) they got it right every single time ! Would never buy local again…..therefore have now cancelled my vision benefits at work that save me around $ 125.- a yr that I would rather spend here! Thank you Zennioptical !!

Name: Heike
State: FL

Thursday, November, 17 2011 by