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I Love Your Glasses!

About a year ago, my sister told me about Zenni Optical. She had gotten a pair of glasses with polycarbonate lenses for under $20! At this point in time, my glasses that I had spent around $150 on were starting to fall apart. So, I decided to get on this website and look at what they had to offer.
I could not believe how many selections there were! There is literally a frame to flatter every face in this world. I decided to get a simple plastic frame, but then I found a pair of metal frames that I fell in love with.
I am a musician, and I am frequently finding myself in performances where I’m asked to wear black. So, I got these cute black frames for performances (Model #499421), and I love them so much! In fact, I want to order another pair of the same frames! Every time I go out with these frames on, I have at least one person tell me how much they love my glasses. And, when I tell them I spent no more than $35 on them, they freak out. Haha.
Zenni Optical has literally saved my life. I feel fashionable again, and I never have to worry about going broke after I order a frame or two. Thank you Zenni Optical! I will always be an appreciative consumer.

Name: Aimee
State: Michigan

Sunday, November, 27 2011 by

Very Pleased With Zenni !

Wow ! My glasses arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier !They are perfect . My new eye doctor referred me to Zenni and that was an excellent thing.

Although I wear contacts all day, I do need glasses for a couple of hours in the morning and at night. Putting off buying new glasses was easy to do-and my prescription traditionally was VERY expensive. WIth Zenni, I can have new glasses any time without expense being an issue. They are crafted well and SO stylish ! Love them and I thank all the staff at Zenni for putting out not only a great service but very good product !

Name: Michelle
State: NY

Saturday, November, 26 2011 by

repeat customer

This was my second experience with Zenni, and again it was everything I hoped for. The glasses I ordered were here within 9 days which was at least as good as (or perhaps better than) if I had had the prescription filled locally. The glasses are excellent, and the price was about 1/5 of what I would have paid in my home city.
I would not hesitate to recommend Zenni to my friends. Thank you!

Name: warren
State: manitoba

Saturday, November, 26 2011 by

Amazing site

I always needed glasses the ones I had were expensive and uncomfortable, they were all I could afford. I heard about Zenni from Clark Howard, I went on the site and I was amazed. I could try on glasses that I wanted. When I got them I was happy with them. A few weeks later I was in a car wreck, the car flipped over and was totaled. The glasses were such great quality, they survived without a scratch. One arm broke off and that was it. It was easily fixed. These glasses have good price and quality!

Name: Nathan
State: Georgia

Friday, November, 25 2011 by


Paying $400 bones for a pair of glasses blows!!! I ordered 5 pair from Zenni a year ago and paid less than $90. Sunglasses, semi-rim, no rim, shooting glasses, and full plastic. Just got a compliment yesterday on the plastic and my fiance loves the no rim because I had them on when we met.

I have told dozens of people about these glasses. This site Rocks!!!!!!!

Friday, November, 25 2011 by