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I LOVE Zenni!

A few years back I was told I needed bifocals..I went to a local eyemart and ended up paying close to $400 for them…I was praying I did not break them for a long time…while at work a co worker came in everyday with a different style and color of glasses on so I asked her how she could afford so many pairs of glasses and she told me about Zenni…I could not believe that they could be that inexpensive so I gave them a try. I have purchased five pair so far in approximately 3 years and am ordering another pair tonight for myself (just cause I want more colors!) and another one for my husband! Can’t beat the price or the styles! I will never go back to another eyemart or anywhere else again! Thanks Zenni!

Name: Pam
State: AZ

Saturday, December, 17 2011 by

I love my new glasses!!!

I ordered 3 pair of glasses and just received them today. I am so happy!! I was not expecting for them to be correct but they are. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about this site. Thank you a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Tomika
State: Tennessee

Thursday, December, 8 2011 by


I’ve ordered ATLEAST 50 pair of glasses from Zenni over the years and will continue to do so.i’m addicted big time! Not only have i ordered but i’ve turned 6 co-workers on to the zenni site who love them as much as i do. i deserve a comission Zenni! :) I’m not only a walking billboard for you, I yell from the rooftops what a great affordable site to get any eyeglasses you could think off. Even when i got my new eye exam recently the optometrist had on an exact pair of glasses i own from Zenni!!

Name: Angela
State: michigan

Monday, December, 5 2011 by

I love Zenni!

I have only just become a glasses wearer earlier in the year. my first pair of glasses were somewhat on the cheap side (so I was told) at $355. there were problems with them and I had to have them repaired – time without glasses = not good!
I found out about Zenni through and have not looked back. i now own about 10 pairs – sunglasses, transitions, single vision for everyday use and special occasion. all sent to me for about $150 in total (that includes 4 lots of delivery charges)!!
what a big difference that is!
now I don’t have to worry about getting them scratched as i can but another pair for $6.95!
I love my zenni glasses and customer service is awesome!
I will not be buying another pair of glasses elsewhere ever again!

Name: Katherine
State: NSW

Sunday, December, 4 2011 by