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My Third Pair

I am happy again, I got a new Prescription sent in my order, went out on a limb and tried something new. Got my glasses and BAM THEY LOOK MARVELOUS. I tried the shades look, I am too sexy.

Name: Theresa
State: Florida

Saturday, December, 31 2011 by

Got my new glasses today!

Came across Zenni on a fashion blog and I couldn’t believe the cost of getting a pair of cool prescription glasses could be this low. I ordered and pair, received them today and I am absolutely thrilled. I’ll definitely be ordering more and spreading the word.

Name: Dave
State: California

Saturday, December, 31 2011 by

Thanks so much!

I just love your website. I found it a few years back while researching prices of eyeglasses. Thinking there must be a more inexpensive pair of glasses elsewhere, well, lo and behold, I found Zenni Optical. You guys are so wonderful! I have just ordered another pair and can’t wait for them to arrive. They are progressive lenses and cost even less than $75. including shipping. What more can I say? I just love your service. :)

Name: Bonnie B.
State: FL

Friday, December, 30 2011 by

Great Glasses

I had gone to so many eye glass stores around town, the price range for my glasses were from a low of 207.00 t0 a high of 328.00. Then a friend at work told me about this site, $52.78 out the door! Better frames, better lens, better look! I have told everyone I see with glasses. I ordered on Dec 13th and got them on the Dec 23rd. No line Bifocals at that. I could not be more pleased! Thanks!

Name: Paul
State: NC

Wednesday, December, 28 2011 by

Perfect Glasses!!!

I was sooo skeptical, first of all about ordering glasses online, and secondly about buying glasses so inexpensive. I always thought that to have a good pair of glasses I’d have to pay at least $100 or more. I was so wrong!!!

My story goes like this! Approx. 5 years ago I bought a pair of (what I thought were inexpensive) glasses from a famous store that shall remain nameless. Even after 3 or 4 visits to them my frames never fit quite right and would irritate me to no end. I ended up just dealing with it, occasionally wearing contacts as an escape. A few months ago my $150 glasses broke. Ack!! So then I was left with only my contacts, and I was down to my last pair. Ack again!!! I immediately started looking online for coupons to the big name stores when I came across Zinni Optical. 2 and a 1/2 months later I swallowed my anxiety and just picked the pair I liked the most and hoped for the best, but expected very little. I ordered on December 12th, received them on December 23rd, and OMG THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! Super light weight, perfect fit, spot on prescription, extremely attractive, and super inexpensive!!

Frames+lenses+hard case+microfiber lens cloth+shipping=$11.90.

I’m referring everybody I know!!! Zinni Optical is the ONLY place I will purchase from in the future! Thank you so very much.

Name: Vicki
State: Arkansas

Tuesday, December, 27 2011 by