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Customer for life!

I just ordered three pairs of glasses – one standard, and two pairs of prescription sunglasses. I’ve never been able to afford prescription sunglasses before, because they’re always so much more expensive, but I got all three pairs for under $100. I really could not be happier :)

Name: Dave
State: GA

Monday, January, 30 2012 by

What Was I Waiting On?

A waiter told me about this site about 8 months ago after I complemented him on his frames and I’m not sure why it took me so long to visit the site… I guess I was a little unsure if I’d be able to get it right.

So I ordered a pair as a test and fell in love. I have since ordered 3 more pair and paid under $100 for FOUR pair of glasses!! I paid over $250 dollars for my last pair of glasses and that was AFTER my insurance covered their portion!!! They were so expensive I couldn’t replace my sunglasses at the time so I have just ordered a 5th pair for that and have a wishlist of about 5 more that I plan on ordering.

Very impressive… I will never buy "retail" again.

Name: Kay
State: OH

Monday, January, 30 2012 by

i love zenni!

i heard about zenni about a year ago. at first i couldn’t believe it but i figured the prices were so low that i’d try just one pair of glasses. needless to say they were fantastic and i immediately ordered more. i’m not sure how many i have now, i’m guessing about six, but in the last week i’ve orederd six more pairs for about $130, which is less than i used to spend on ONE pair of glasses. i love zenni!

Name: kate
State: MI

Sunday, January, 29 2012 by


I first learned about Zennioptical in school from my roommate and once i got my first pair i was hooked! (she has more than I do) It’s so great to say "I need new glasses" and know that I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars! I get so many compliments on all my frames and I make sure i spread the word!

Name: Sharisse
State: New Jersey

Sunday, January, 29 2012 by

Love my glasses

I really love my glasses. The style and the purple colour is fantastic on my coloured hair. The service was excellent, so thanks to Zenni Optical :)

Name: Catherine
State: Malta

Sunday, January, 29 2012 by