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20 + Years of glasses!

I’ve been wearing glasses for about 20 years now,(I am now 24) and most of you know that glasses are not cheap. Around my pre-teen years I started to wear contacts so I would be more comfortable especially when running (which is what I’ve been doing for about 11 years now). I usually buy glasses for nighttime use only. I primarily wear contacts which when used in conjunction with insurance, it’s maxed out because you need two exams (one for glasses one for contacts) Around 5-7 years ago I started to shop around for glasses. I was spending nearly $200 on contacts not including exams. Then frames with lenses, tend to rob you a little bit. Low and behold I found Zenni. I’ve been able to max out my contacts and just pay for a basic eye exam and then get my prescription and order online. I love it, I can have 30 pairs of glasses from here before they equal 1 pair in the store. I love you guys and I recommend you to everyone! I just got two of my co-workers to switch.

Name: Jesse
State: FL

Wednesday, January, 25 2012 by

This Valentine’s Day, give your lover a new vision

Shopping for your Valentine is not an easy task, especially when youre trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Why not put some extra thought into this Valentine’s Day and get the gift they’ll remember for years?

Zenni Optical provides gorgeous glasses for Valentine’s Day!

Let hearts of gold brighten your Valentines day with Frame 280618!

Frame 280618

Two hearts joined together in rimless Frame 573918!

Frame 573918

Why dodge Cupid’s arrow?  You won’t have to with Frame 280516!

Frame 280516

Find these and many others among Zenni’s Holiday Themed Frames!

Give your Valentine a new vision in 2012.  Cute and useful!

Monday, January, 23 2012 by

Love my glasses!!!

Just got my $6 glasses in the mail yesterday and I love love them! I was worried because they were so cheap but I was so wrong- they are great and I have had more comments in one day they I have in a year!!! Deff. will be buying more!!!!

Saturday, January, 21 2012 by

Buy Zenni

I am a first time buyer from Zenni. I received my eyeglasses today and just love them. My prescription is correct, and my frame size is correct. Zenni’s website is user friendly to order eyeglasses. I highly recommend Zenni to order your prescription eyeglasses. You can do it!!!!

Thank you so much Zenni.

Name: Joan
State: Michigan

Friday, January, 20 2012 by

My Zenni Story

I recently ordered my first pair of glasses from your company. It had been 3 years since I had gotten new glasses because of our financial situation & my eyes had gotten bad but I was able to purchase glasses finally & I can see so much better. Thank you so much!

Name: Debbie
State: GA

Friday, January, 20 2012 by