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Can you help our Coloboma Kids!?

Yesterday I took advantage of your buy two get one free sale and purchased new glasses from your company for my daughter! My daughter is three and has a rare bith defect called Coloboma, that affect all part of her eyes. She wears glasses for eye gauging and sun protection only. She is leagally blind and very very sun sensitive. As I was placing our order (our second order to be exact!) I was wondering if there may be some way that your company could offer any gift certificates or possibly a free pair of glasses or two to children like my daughter, whose parents are can not afford the much need glasses. Please check out our website and our facebook page to see more about our Coloboma Kids and see if there is anyway that your company may be willing to help!! Thanks you so very much for even taking the time to read about our kids!! (Oh, and the purchase that I made is for the little blonde haired cutie name Khloe!)

Name: Sara Jensen
City: King
State: North Carolina

Thursday, February, 23 2012 by

I love Zenni!

I actually like wearing eyeglasses – they’re like makeup or jewelry for me. I have 6 pairs and they’re getting on in age so was ready for more. A friend told me about someone she knew who had ordered from Zenni, and everything went well. So I ordered a ‘test pair’ to be cautious…my specs arrived in 4 days and I loved them! They are ultra cute and I hadn’t seen anything like them in the stores here. Very lightweight, which is a huge plus. And I actually see sharper with my Zenni specs than I do with the ones I got in the usual manner. And the fit is perfect. I ordered 3 more pairs today and will check back in a few months for more. There are worse things I could be spending $$ on, and my 4 Zenni pairs have only cost me (including delivery) $100.00 That’s at least 60% less than I would have paid for only 1 pair here, so I’m good to go!

Name: Charlene
City: Ed l

Sunday, February, 19 2012 by

Texas Wildfire Victim

On September 4, 2011 my family and I lost our homes in the Texas
Wildfires. We lost 4 homes in all and the only thing that we took with us when we were evacuated were some clothes. I love the fact that the RX’s are saves to your account as I was able to order my son new glasses with ease. I also love the prices. My son is 9 and has ADHD so his glasses usually do not last very long for one reason or another. With prices like yours I am able to keep him a backup pair, or 2, without breaking the budget. In a way you have helped us get our life back on track. Thank you.

Name: Laura
City: Smithville
State: TX

Friday, February, 17 2012 by

Tinted Glasses

This post is a response to comment/question from Antevius about my glasses. Yes, they do have a 10% grey tint. I just ordered the brown frames with a 10% brown tint on those. I’ll post a pic when I get them. BTW I also have another pair of black frames without tint. I love these glasses!


Name: Dave
State: NorCal

Wednesday, February, 15 2012 by

Go Zenni

I recently went to Vision Works to purchase a pair of glasses I found the pair I loved and with insurance they were still going to cost me 224.00 with no anti-glare just lenses and titanium wireless frames. I happened on Zenni by pure coincidence checked out the glasses and liked what I saw. I noticed that the glasses that I was allowed to purchase two years ago (from Vision Works) were not recommended by Zenni for bifocals. I belived it because I could never really see well with those glasses.
Then what impressed me was that Zenni questioned my prescription that I sent them and they were not pleased with my response because of a typo and requested a copy of my prescription I sent them the copy. And whalla I have my rimless titanium anti-glare coated glasses for one fourth the price and the best thing is I CAN SEE yeah ! ! ! ! There are two people at work that what this web address and I know I’ll have another tonight the biggest skeptic comes back. Love you Zenni you have another loyal customer to add to your list

Name: Diane
City: Tampa
State: FL

Tuesday, February, 14 2012 by