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Simply put: FANTASTIC!!!

I’m moving to China and wanted a new pair of glasses so my old pair could serve as a backup. I also wanted some prescription sun glasses. I have a prescription on file with Lens Crafters. After talking to them, Lens Crafters was going to cost me around $300 for two pairs. Zenni cost me $60 (including shipping) and my glasses are AMAZING! Perfect fit, great quality, etc. I couldn’t be happier!

Name: Pete Miller
City: Redlands
State: CA

Saturday, February, 11 2012 by

Great Service

WOW! Have just received my new glasses. What great service – ordered on 30 January, delivered to my door on 8 February – that’s quicker than ordering through opticians. I am just about to order two more pairs!

Name: Monica Ardill
City: Sydney
State: NSW

Wednesday, February, 8 2012 by

Love them!

I have always gone to my optometrist for my glasses and thought that was the only way I could get prescription frames. Zenni Optical is a blessing to have. The prices, product, and customer service were GREAT!

Name: Renae
State: OH

Monday, February, 6 2012 by

Yeppers! I like em..

I received my first pair this week and am very pleased. What a great deal on a new pair of glasses. Now to start a collection. Thanks Zenni!

Name: Melinda
State: AL

Saturday, February, 4 2012 by

Love My Eyeglasses Wardrobe

I’ve worn glasses since I was 10 years old. Up until I discovered Zenni, I had only one pair of eyeglasses at a time. But now…I have half-rimmed, rimless, plastic, glasses in many different colors and I bought special glasses for Christmas and Halloween. My 23-year-old daughters tuned me on to Zenni, and I have, in turn, told anyone and everyone who wears glasses about your website. I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!

Name: Linda
State: Florida

Friday, February, 3 2012 by