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With the bright days of summer right around the corner, did you know you can order eyeglasses online from Zenni with tinted lenses?  Virtually any glasses, even bifocal or progressive eyeglasses, can be ordered on Zenni’s website with tint, whether for fashion or sunglasses.  Full rim, half rim, even rimless frame eyeglasses can be tinted to suit your style or use, and with tint only $4.95, it’s an option not to be overlooked. 

Let’s take a look at the website and see where tint can be added to an order:

After choosing a frame to order, you’re taken to a page to specify the details of the lenses. We’ve chosen a Progressive lens (sometimes called a no-line bifocal), and decided we’d like to tint them as sunglasses.

lens tint dropdown

This is a permanent tint on the lens, not to be confused with the Photochromic lens which changes shade according to the amount of sunlight present.

On a typical order page, the lens tint choices (highlighted in yellow above) are presented in a drop-down menu.  Click on the down arrow and you’re presented with a list of color options and intensities of tint to choose from.  Here we’ve chosen Grey in 80% intensity.  To see a full visual chart of the colors and intensities, roll your cursor on the blue question mark just to the right of the drop-down menu.

Each color of tint is available in three different intensities: 80%, 50% or 10%.

An 80% tint is a dark sunglass tint for bright outdoor conditions. We recommend the 80% Grey or Amber for most sunglass applications.

A 50% tint is a medium-light sunglass tint that is not too dark to make it unusable indoors, while giving some medium/light sunshade protection outdoors. For those who must move in and outdoors while keeping their glasses on, this is a good option.

A 10% tint is a very light cosmetic /fashion tint barely noticeable to the wearer, but provides a slight hint of color to people looking at the wearer- a great option to add some pizzaz to a special outfit or occasion!

Whether you’d like sunglasses for those summer days ahead, or want to create a new eyeglass fashion statement, the tint option at Zenni Optical has got you covered!

13 Responses

  1. Val says:

    One caveat — while the purple tint at 80% looks neat, it’s fairly transparent to anybody looking at you, so with high prescriptions it’s still important to consider how wide the lenses are. I regularly use my 80% purple tinted glasses indoors at the office when the flurorescent glare is bothering me, and they came in handy the other day when the lights at a stage show were too bright.

  2. Daniel1828 says:

    This is good. Thank you for sharing this to us. Very nice posting this here.

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  3. Michael Ross says:

    Thank you for the info. I already read it. Keep posting and keep sharing. I appreciate this post.

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  4. C says:

    I ordered the 80% grey with the AR coating and the lens look purple.

  5. JK says:

    I would love it if you offered gradient tints!

  6. Izabela says:

    I agree. Gradient tints would be great!

  7. dotti lantis says:

    I am having the most difficult time getting information on what tints look good on elder women, and/or, their respective benefits..(i.e. younger looking, eye color enhancing). I’ve big blue eyes..would I then go with light blue tinting?, or does rose tinting, like pink tinted light bulbs, soften features. Given this, would purple, then, be ideal, providing a little of both benefits??? Does anyone have an opinion in this regard? I’ve greying hair, and understand it’s the only color that can not wear animal prints so, I’ve chosen a large black frame with modest rhinestones…what color tint would look best with these?

    • Luke Thomas Webb says:

      Go for something bold and glamorous. I’m sure you’ve earned it. Perhaps pink or purple? Sounds like you picked some fun frames. Enjoy!

  8. Rifleman says:

    I just received sunglasses with the 80% tint. I had planned to use them primarily for driving. Let me tell you, these sucker are dark! I find them too dark to read instruments in the car such as my GPS, etc. I suppose that I will have to get a pair with the 50% tint to be useable for driving.

  9. Lon Gunder-Ware says:

    I purchased a basic 1.57 lens with 80% grey tint. I noticed some warping in the vision when looking to the periphery. I’m not sure whether the lens or the tint is to blame. The tint itself is quite dark, as others have noted. Perhaps the amber or 50% could be more functional.
    I’m interested in10% purple. Does anyone have pictures?

  10. George says:

    I’m getting the blue~ green wayfarers. Thinking about a blue tint for some fun. Wan’t my eyes to show still and such… What ya think 50% or 10%?
    Thanks G

  11. Jen says:

    I just ordered a pair with 80% purple tint for driving..then wondered if I made a mistake,..but am glad with my choice after seeing this thread, as the gray sounds too dark at 80%.

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