“Best Kept Secret On The Internet”

I was a first time buyer. I have a fairly complex prescription. The last time I went to a shop advertising 2 pair for $69, I left with one pair for $410. My eye doctor said I was lucky I did not have to pay $680. So I decided to try Zenni. I ordered 3 pairs of glasses, a day pair (no reading bi-focal), a work pair (long and short range vision), and a simple pair for my son. Total cost, $175. The glasses arrived about 2 weeks before I expected them as another plus. I was anxious to try on a pair. WOW. Just as good as the pair I paid $410 for and exactly what I had ordered.

Will I be back? Absolutely, and soon as I now can afford to have a couple of pairs with various styles without breaking the bank.

Thank you very much. I have already started telling my friends who wear glasses about this sight (pun intended). The “try them on” feature is also outstanding.

Best kept secret on the internet!


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