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Delicate Pastels For Spring – One Look For Under $100!

Spring is in the air, so it’s time to lighten things up a bit with pastels, softer fabrics and flirty sandals. We here at Zenni had a look at this season’s trends and decided to put together a simple, gorgeous ensemble that’s perfect for springtime . . . and all for under $100! Check out what we came up with and let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Frames – Pink Translucent Frames from Zenni

pink transparent frames
Badly chosen eyewear can ruin your look before you even get started, which is why we began our spring ensemble with these adorable Zennis ($6.95). A lovely pink translucent frame picks up the pink on the dress, harmonizing with the lighter colors of a spring look while also drawing attention to your beautiful eyes.

The Dress – Tribal Print Zip Back Shift Dress from Body Central

Body Central's Tribal Print Zip Back Shift DressThe next element of this look is a simple shift dress that offers a study in contrasts: Warm pastels take on new life in a bold Aztec-themed print. The result is Southwest glam that isn’t too heavy-handed.
In addition, the shape of this dress makes it an incredibly versatile piece: While the skirt is a little short for work, you can still wear this on your days off with a baby-blue cardigan for shopping and strolling around town. Even better, this Tribal Print Zip Back Shift Dress from Body Central will only set you back $24.98 . . . a serious steal.

The Shoes – Gladiator Sandals from Maurices

Anna Beaded Gladiator Sandals from MauricesThese gladiator sandals, only $24.00 from Maurices, rock this look without overwhelming the dress. Pastels can sometimes be tricky to match, so your best bet is either an exact match or a pale/light neutral. These sandals kick things up a notch with gold metallic studs.

Bonus: In addition to being incredibly cute, the flat heel and straps gives the whole outfit a decidedly beach-y look, even if you are strolling down a city street.

The Accessory – Curve Bar Clutch from Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Blush Curve Bar ClutchLest you think that this outfit is getting a bit too casual, our stylist comes to the rescue with this adorable, but quite proper, clutch in pale pink with beige trim. At only $27 from Dorothy Perkins, the bag even has a zippered pocket for your wallet (a good thing, considering the money you’re going to save on this outfit) and a pouch for your cell.





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Cream and Blue: Classic Neutrals Get a Makeover

Some of the most eye-catching looks start with classic styles and neutral colors: The trick is adding just the right amount of color and bling, which can sometimes be a challenge.

We decided to take on that challenge and put together an outfit based around Zenni’s classic, tortoiseshell frame glasses, incorporating some other stylish but simple silhouettes (a trench and a simple ruffled dress) in neutral colors (dark blue and cream). To jazz things up, we added a striking gold cuff and a fabulous orange tote bag. This is a great transition outfit: Cream and blue are completely appropriate for late winter/early spring, while the splashes of orange and gold remind us that sunnier days are on their way.


Classic Tortoiseshell Eye Glasses from Zenni Optical
We started with this classic pair of tortoiseshell frame glasses from Zenni. Tortoiseshell goes well with most hair and eye colors, is great with a whole range of outfit colors, plus it flatters most skin tones. The darker hues of tortoiseshell add depth to a look and tie in other darker detailing that you might have on your coat, shoes or belt.  The lighter colors can also pick up brighter elements, like a pop of color or the metallic shine of jewelry.

With that in mind, we set about creating our look!  Here’s the lowdown on each of the pieces:


Double-breasted Trench Coat from Rose Wholesale: This is a classic trench, updated with contrasting trim. It’s also an absolute steal at $21.90, particularly since coats like this never go out of style and you can wear them just about everywhere.


Ramie Dress For Women from Sammy DressRamie Dress For Women from Sammy Dress: This is a super cute dress that should easily take you from spring into summer. A versatile piece for your closet, it can be dressed down with flip flops or sandals during the day, then paired with party heels and your favorite jewelry in the evening.  Another great deal at $13.64.


Francesco Biasia Orange Leather Tote from OnQue StyleFrancesco Biasia Leather Tote from OnQue Style: This orange leather tote is large enough to carry your stuff but not so big that it overwhelms you. The color is gorgeous and the handles and shoulder strap give you great options. This tote currently sells for $195.


Steve Madden Xternal from Bel Fiore BoutiqueSteve Madden Xternal from Bel Fiore Boutique: These Nubuck wedges look incredible with this outfit, though they’ll also go equally well with jeans and a blouse. These shoes coordinate perfectly with the trench and balance out the delicacy of this dress, allowing you to wear this outfit both to work and to go out with friends. These wedges can be had for $69.99.


Gold Vermeil Bracelet from Amy Ming Jewelry BoutiqueGold Vermeil Bracelet from Amy Ming Jewelry Boutique: This gorgeous bracelet rocks our outfit, it matches the gold trim on the handbag, while also contrasting beautifully with the blue dress. Its size holds its own with the larger bag and the serious wedges, creating a powerful, professional look. This bracelet is $210.00.



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The Most “Wearable” Fashions from Spring and the Zennis that Complement Them

Spring Fashion | Zenni Optical
We recently had a look at Glamour’s top “wearable fashions” for spring 2014 and were totally bowled over by some of the ultra-cute trends for this season. What’s particularly exiting are some of the unique ways that designers used color: Unexpected stripes, contrasting collars and even bomber jackets in decidedly girly shades. This made it a snap to find great frames to go with these looks.
Want to stay on trend this season? Check out how Zennis can complete your look with these ideas:


Pastels Woman wearing pastel color dress | Zenni

Cool pastels are hot this spring, so get yourself some new frames to complete your look!

There are three ways you can coordinate your glasses to beautiful spring pastels:

  • Keep things light: Choose matching or complimentary light colored frames  that will give you an all-over spring look.
  • Go deep:  If you want to draw attention to your pretty face, choose frames in a deep shade of your outfit’s color family. For maximum impact, wear jewelry in the same shade.
  • Modern Metallics: For a super-modern look, choose metallic frames in a complimentary pastel color.


Contrast Collar Button Down Shirts

This is a totally fun trend that requires a little forethought when it comes to accessorizing.

Here are two things to think about when selecting Zenni’s to go with your contrast collar blouse:

  • Grab a pair of frames that match the collar.

Or. . . 

  • Find a pair of multi-color frames that pick up both the collar color as well as that of the rest of the shirt.

What you don’t want to do is add more colors to the mix (i.e. don’t wear green frames with a blue shirt that has a yellow collar), that’s distracting. Stay consistent.


Bomber Jackets in Fun Colors and Spring Sweaters

Woman in a fun colorful sweater | ZenniThe Glamour article showed some incredible bomber jackets in decidedly feminine hues along with fun spring sweaters that can take you comfortably from cooler mornings into warm afternoons. While I could recommend doing the matching/contrasting color thing with your frames, I’m instead going to recommend that you pick up a pair classic aviators to go with your jacket and/or sweater. Too much color and wackiness is distracting and if you are going to invest in multi-colored jackets and sweaters, you want all the attention on these pieces, not your eyeglass frames.


Athletic Stripe Trousers

Now here’s a concept: Trousers with sporty side stripes, a look borrowed from athletic wear.  Choose a sporty frame in a solid color that matches the stripe.





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Celebrities Rock Their Glasses At The Academy Awards

Steve Mc Queen, the director of Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave, stuck with the same pair of black horn-rim glasses he wore at the Golden Globes. This frame, similar to Zenni’s frame 236021, is notable for its round shape and thick bridge over the nose.

Jonah Hill of The Wolf of Wall Street lost Best Supporting Actor to Jared Leto of Dallas Buyers Club, but the round tortoiseshell glasses worn by his character in the movie are a retro ’80s winner. Check out Zenni’s similar frame 286325.

Bruce Dern, with his actress daughter, Laura, looks to be wearing rimless photochromic glasses, since the tint on his glasses disappeared when he was in the Dolby Theatre. Check out Zenni’s similar frame 420612.

Dern’s co-star June Squibb, who played his wife, is elegant in her understated gold full-rim glasses, similar to Zenni’s frame 529111.

Julius Tennon, the actor husband of two-time Academy Award nominee Viola Davis, appears with his wife on the award show’s red carpet in an awesome pair of full-rim sunglasses, similar to Zenni’s frame 224921.

Jim Carrey performed an eyeglasses-based comedy bit that demonstrated how important it is to have a good pair of reading glasses. He came out specs-less to introduce the nominees for Best Animated Film, but “misread” his cue card, saying that the “special kind of magic” that allows one to see genies, ogres, and penguins was provided by “LSD,” until he put on this cool pair of black horn-rims, which enabled him to see that it actually said “animation”. Check out Zenni’s similar frame 366621.


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Why Women Need at Least 4 Pairs of Glasses

Most women don’t own just one pair of earrings or one purse. Instead, we usually own several of these items so that we can match them with what we are wearing. While glasses aren’t just a fashion statement, it’s wise to have more than one pair in case one is lost or breaks, it’s true that glasses have a huge impact on how you look. Owning several pair, at least four, allows you to gracefully switch out your glasses as you change both your clothes and your location.
Here are the four different types of glasses that every woman should have:


Daily Favorite

This is the pair of glasses that you wear and carry around with you all the time. When buying this pair, pay special attention to frame shape and color: Remember, you’ll be wearing these every day, so you probably want to go for a neutral color and a frame that perfectly matches your face shape and your hairstyle. It’s also important that your glasses match the formality of your workplace: Funky frames can rock creative spaces, but may cause issues in a conservative law office.


Statement Glasses

There are going to be days when your regular glasses just won’t do. These are the days for wearing statement glasses: Cool colors, shapes and patterns that boost your confidence and attract attention.
Tip: Can’t decide on a statement pair? Get the frames that go best with your favorite garment or outfit.


Prescription Sunglasses

Nothing kills a casual beach look faster than having to squint because you can’t read the tiki cocktail menu. Get yourself a big, gorgeous pair of prescription sunglasses so you can enjoy vacations and trips to the beach in style.


Rimless Neutrals

Rimless glasses, particularly those with neutral temples and earpieces (i.e. brown, black or brushed metallic) are an essential part of everyone’s eyeglass wardrobe for several reasons:
1. It’s always wise to have at least one extra pair of glasses handy, particularly at the office or even in the glove box of your car. Ideally, you want these spares to have a neutral appearance so they go with everything. Rimless glasses with neutral temples and earpieces go with just about any outfit, no matter what color or degree of formality.
2. A recent study on how people perceive wearers of glasses show that rimless glasses encourage positive stereotyping by others: People who wear rimless glasses were judged by study participants as being attractive and likeable, as well as intelligent, trustworthy and successful. This makes rimless glasses an excellent choice for business meetings, or any other endeavor where you need to make a very good impression on someone.
Tip: If you do choose rimless glasses with metallic temples/earpieces and you tend to switch up your jewelry from silver to gold and back again, get two pair of rimless glasses, one in goldtone, the other in silver. This way you’ll always have a pair of rimless glasses that match your look.


How many pairs of glasses do you own?


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