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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Easter-Spring-Stravaganza

Happy Good (Frame) Friday. It’s only two days until Easter Sunday. That could mean chocolate bunnies and peeps, an Easter egg hunt, glazed ham and a nice family meal, and even new spring fashions. Zenni Optical’s spring glasses line has got you covered.

And even if your are in the sad party of the country mourning a spring already come and gone, the right glasses can help put you in a state of mind that is as springy as ever, just in time for a big family holiday.

Many of the iconic items and activities we enjoy each Easter are actually symbols of spring, a time of re-awakening, new life, and poetically, rebirth.

Eggs are obviously the font of new life for many species, and bunnies are prolific reproducers whose plentiful progeny first appear around this time of year.

This synchronizes perfectly with the Christian holiday that commemorates the return of Jesus Christ. Depicted as a literal a resurrection from the grave, Christ’s return three days after his crucifixion by the Romans emphasizes the same seasonal motifs of rebirth and renewal.

So whether you spend Easter celebrating and having fun with family, preparing for your own fashion rebirth with a new pair of glasses, or in a more religious way, reflecting on your sins, or some combination of them, don’t lose sight of the message and the metaphor.

Some people treat Easter as an occasion to give gifts as well, although this is primarily reserved for the little ones in the form of small prizes and chocolates hidden in plastic eggs. If you want to give another adult a gift, new glasses are the perfect season-appropriate option.

The easiest way to identify spring glasses for Easter, for yourself or a gift, is by their colors. Lighter shades are a dead giveaway, as are more natural, vibrant, lively colors that suggest life and flower in bloom.

Easter means many things to people. It’s a family holiday, a religious occasion that also marks the conclusion of the Lenten season, and a chance for fun, games, and symbols of spring. No matter what you do this Sunday, with some spring frames from Zenni, you can look your seasonal best.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Coachillin’ with Zenni

You can’t escape Coachella, and Zenni doesn’t want you to have to try. We are getting ready to kick off the 16th year of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, and with it the start of 2014′s festival season. Tell us who you are most excited to see this year, Instagram a picture of yourself at La Coachellita rocking some Zenni glasses for a chance to win a $50 gift card, and get ready to enjoy yourself in style, all thanks to Zenni.

The biggest festival, perhaps in the world, Coachella is also one of the biggest parties, obviously dominated by the huge names performing, as well as the up-and-coming indie sensations that actually make it an artistic event. It has to be to draw sold-out, 160,000-person crowds to what is essentially a poorly disguised desert in Indio, California on back-to-back weekends. But if you’re going, hoping to go, or reflecting back on the last time you went, you already know what it has to offer.

Coachella isn’t just about the music. It’s also a vibe, a state of mind, perhaps most perfectly captured by the streams of photos that appear on Instagram before the fest even begins, featuring scantly clad hipsters braving the heat and celebrities reveling.

You can tell that Coachella has really arrived as not just a giant festival for a range of fans but also a culture-defining force because of all the marketing hype, sponsorships, and attention major fashion brands heap on it every year.

From pre- and after-parties thrown by magazines like Harper’s Bazaar to nearby venues rented out for events by Lacoste to one of the newest additions,  beauty stations on the grounds set up by Sephora for fest-goers to touch up before a selfie, it never stops. How you look in Indio this weekend is a big deal, and the fest is an even bigger deal for how people, hipster or otherwise, will be looking for months to come.

Many brands are trying to get a jump on the hype, blasting out blogs and celebrity e-curated “Coachella must-have” lists including everything a person might wear, use, or do at the fest if they want the image everyone has of them to match the trendsetter they see on the inside.

We do things a little simpler at Zenni. Take these green-to-amber plaid frames, an obvious riff on the ubiquitous horn-rimmed glasses. Wear them to Coachella and your face will certainly stand out. They’re unarguably noticeable. But if you also wear them on Monday as you drag your exhausted self into work, nobody will bat an eye. We can’t say the same for nearly anything else an average ‘chella-goer might wear.

Cocahella isn’t just about the event. It’s also the start of the summer music and art festival season. Zenni is excited to share this all coming musical weekends with our customers. Have fun and don’t forget to check out our summer fest page for a  chance to win a $50 gift card.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Cool Moments for Jazz Appreciation Month

This time of year, most people are busy getting excited for the warmth and fun of summer, trying out their favorite sunglasses and dusting off beach bags. But if the cool is more your speed, or you aspire to cheeks like Dizzy Gilespie, April is Jazz Appreciation Month, the perfect time to put on some new glasses and go soak up some different vibes.

Jazz Appreciation Month is a relatively young celebration, having begun only 13 years ago when a Smithsonian National Museum of History curator named Edward Hasse wanted an annual event to pay tribute to jazz, as both a living, dynamic form of music and an important part of our country’s history.

Most major cities put on free concerts, events, and educational programs during the month of April to foster community support of the celebration, and to give everyone a chance to enjoy one of the only uniquely American forms of music without venturing into a smoky jazz club.

If you find yourself taking the opportunity to enjoy one of music’s cooler genres this month, don’t ignore your eye wear, whether you’re partaking of a public festival or crowding around a small table n the back of a small bar.

Some of the most famous, iconic jazz musicians in history made a hip pair of specs part of their image. Usually horn rimmed, often thin no matter how thick the glass, the jazz musician’s glasses were an essential part of his visage.

In the same vein, you can’t ignore what your glasses mean for your face. You may not be creating a complete ensemble to complement your groundbreaking trumpet harmonies like Dizzy did through the years. That doesn’t mean you should ignore how glasses change your face and portrayal.

This week’s Frame Friday features a wide range of glasses and frames, varied in color, shape, and material, so you can find the perfect pair to channel the hep cat inside you.

And who knows. You might end up casually tossing a slightly off-balance beret on your head and sitting down to bang out a few bars on the old piano, only to find the jazz flowing from your fingers.

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean we all have to skip down the street with a vapid smile on our faces. April is Jazz Appreciation Month, giving you all the excuse you need to slide into a pair of dark glasses, turn your voice down real low, and just chill for a while.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Don’t Be an April Fool

You’re just days away from what can be a fun holiday. Here are a few of the most popular April Fool’s Day pranks people play. We don’t want anybody in Zenni glasses failing to see these jokes coming.

The best April Fool’s Day pranks in history have come from television stations and other media outlets. They succeeded in convincing the public of ridiculous things like the existence of Swiss Spaghetti trees or that Taco Bell purchased the Liberty Bell. Some people suggest much more malicious pranks, but the best April Fool’s Day jokes to play just trick a person into believing something that is obviously silly.

Shrink wrap the office – This one has been done countless times, and wrapping paper or aluminum foil works just as well. Benign prankers wrap everything in an office, from the chair to the computer mouse to the pens in the desk, with shrink wrap so that working is still possible, just aggravating.

Unpaid tickets and bills – There are a number of variations on this one, from printing up a fake parking ticket that they put on your car’s windshield to using similar tools to convince you that you have unpaid bills. That feeling of panic that you’re overdue and going to owe late fees is never fun.

Everything’s gone – All a person has to do to make you think you’ve lost all your important computer files is move them to an obscure directory, make them un-discoverable by the operating systems’ search, and delete recent file data. If you sit down to a computer that seems like it’s been wiped clean of your memories, you may have been a victim of this one.

I’m blind – Popularized by the comedy show The Simpsons, this simple prank involves taping a person’s eye shut while they sleep so when they wake up in the morning they can’t see. It’s doubtful you’ll actually think you’ve gone blind, but if you usually spring out of bet at the sound of your alarm, you’ll certainly be surprised.

You’re late – Changing all the clocks in a home or office to be two hours fast so you feel late is easy. The hard part is they have to get to your watch and smart phone. Once they manage that and your alarm goes off early, you’ll be sure you’re late.

I’m (going) blind(er) – In homes where two people use different prescription contacts, the person with the weaker prescription can swap their contacts in for the other’s. When the person worse vision fumbles their contacts in in the morning, they feel like their vision has gotten dramatically worse over night. If this happens to you, be sure you don’t try to drive before sorting it out!

April Fool’s Day jokes look a lot better after the fact when you can laugh at your own behavior. But if you’re seeing clearly with your Zenni glasses, maybe you can avoid being the fool this year.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Spring Equinox

Yesterday, Thursday March 20, was the Spring Equinox. If you weren’t already dusting off your coolest specs and considering a new pair of glasses, now is clearly the time. From frozen to thaw to a perfectly decent day, the Equinox gave most of the East a reprieve from this brutal winter.

If you were out watching everyone enjoy the warmth, you probably saw a lot of people sporting bright, shiny glasses, glowing with the desire for spring to start in earnest.

How does the not-so-subtle beginning of spring draw people outside and lead them to don brighter colors and sometimes even a lighter step?

It’s difficult to articulate explicitly, but you know the feeling well. That mix of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm about all the possibilities now that going outside is fun again can’t be ignored.

It’s kinda like the feeling you get when you try on a new pair of shoes or glasses and they fit perfectly, matching not just the size and shape of your face (or feet), but also matching you.

The Equinox marks the moment twice a year when the Sun is directly over the Equator, and thus when the Earth’s tilt begins its transition to the coming season’s position. In the case of spring, the Earth’s axis is tilting so that the Sun will be over the Northern Hemisphere, bringing on warmer seasons.

Ancient peoples celebrated the equinoxes and solstices (there are two of each every year), often using stone “calendars” that had Indiana Jones type effects for that one day a year when the Sun is in the right position.

We might not have the benefit of unique stone temples designed to harness the equinox Sun perfectly to point out the correct door to enter the forbidden temple and find the treasure. But that doesn’t mean city streets don’t change magically when the Sun starts to come out.

Don’t believe me? I think there’s a show tune that explains it pretty convincingly. Why wait to see if the Sun’ll come out… tomorrow. With an exciting new pair of Zenni glasses and the Spring Equinox behind us, today is probably the perfect day to get outside and enjoy that burst of energy.

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