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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Red, White, & Blue Glasses

The Fourth of July is one of our absolute favorite holidays at Zenni, both because it’s so much fun for so many people, and because it gives everyone a good reason to buy patriotic glasses and sunglasses. If you love wearing colorful apparel on the Fourth, our selection of red, white, and blue glasses may make you see fireworks.

We start things off with glasses that everyone can love. They capitalize on the fact that the Fourth is one of those amazing holidays on which people can wear whatever outlandish clothing they want as long as it matches the holiday’s colors. And these frames are big on color, full of the blue, white, and red you love.

However, most people opt for more versatile, subdued glasses that are appropriate everyday-wear and fit the style of festivities on The Fourth. Their on-trend blocky shape also means you’ll stand out as much as you want to in them, but on your terms.

People think of red as the color of The Fourth, but blue glasses also play well on a hot summer day. The smooth transition to white in the above frames gives them a slightly retro feel that pairs will with a bathing suit or a BBQ apron.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t get more ‘Merican than red and white stripes, a design lifted right off our flag. If you can’t stomach some Where’s Waldo-style Hammer Pants for The Fourth, these glasses are your next best option. And with black temples, you don’t have to relegate them to your holidays-only section of accessories.

The Fourth of July commemorates our country’s independence, a solemn and proud moment. But the holiday has also grown to be about friends, family, and sharing a good time. Take advantage of great glasses that look amazing and are affordable to make the holiday that much better for you this year.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: World Cup Fever and New Arrivals!

Host country Brazil faced against Croatia in Sao Paulo yesterday, kicking off the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the biggest international tournament and sporting spectacle in the world. You may catch World Cup fever even if you have no interest in soccer. These hot new frames features some of the brightest colors and most exciting frames, embracing the energy and spirit of the World Cup and giving you a chance to root for your favorite teams.

You can’t go wrong supporting the home team. The U.S.A. earned a tournament berth again, but they have a tough pool that includes Germany. They must fair well against both the Germans and the impressive Portugal to exit pool play with a strong record. However, every year we perform a little better. Maybe it’s our time to break out on the world stage.

And who can forget the flaming orange (orange is the “queen’s color” in The Netherlands) uniforms of the Dutch? They played an exciting tournament in 2010 and lost in the finals to Spain. The team looks strong this year in more reserved uniforms, so if you want to root for someone else, you could do worse than The Netherlands. And bonus perk: you’ll have a hot pair of glasses after the tournament.

A soft green/turquoise like this doesn’t lend itself to the rabid fandom you see in the stands, sporting full body paint. But it does give you the option to support a number of teams – especially the Ivory Coast – with green in their unis, and they might work out better with the rest of your wardrobe in the future.

Dark blue is similarly versatile both in terms of team and future fashion. Bosnia, Brazil’s away kit, Croatia, and a host of other team uniforms all include a royal blue of some variety.

And then there are those of you who won’t pass up on the fashion of Zenni’s hottest new arrivals and deals at great prices, whether or not they resemble a World Cup team. Throw on these black and yellow frames and somebody is sure to confuse you with a fan.

Or you could take it to another level and use your glasses to support polar bears, snow leopards, and other endangered species, similar to what Iran did with its jerseys, which support the endangered Asiatic Tiger. However, you enjoy the World Cup, be sure to take advantage of Zenni’s great fashions and styles.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Vintage Look Glasses

They say trends go in cycles, and these amazing vintage-looking glasses are a testament to the fact that what’s old can be new, and not just new but among the hottest styles in the fashion world. But don’t be fooled; these ain’t your grannies cracked ol’ spectacles. These new versions of classic styles are ready to take your face-fashion game to the next level.

You know a specific era of vintage fashion is back in when you look at those styles and don’t even think of them as old, but rather as established trends now. Heavy black frames? Winged cat-eye lines? It all seems perfectly on-trend, despite pulling from the 1940s and their comeback in the 1960s.

The difference is that if you dug through your parents’ and grandparents’ boxes of old stuff to pull out their musty glasses, you would find frames that look quite similar to these new options, minus the moths and cob webs, but that are also heavier, less comfortable, and slightly less refined.

Despite these differences, because they are so clearly paying homage to frames from generations past, you can also pair these glasses with actual vintage garments mixed together with new trends to create your own unique, retro style.

Vintage styles can pose a challenge if their design and aesthetic are unfamiliar and and you aren’t sure what styles work best for you. One great way to find the right vintage-look glasses for you is to browse Pinterest boards of vintage style from the 1940s and 1970s. Other online resources that present historic fashion images work well too. Look for people who have a similar face shape to yours to get a sense of what frame shapes are best for your face.

However, you don’t have to worry as much with these vintage glasses, because their unique shapes and lines are more forgiving, since they are less familiar to others as well. So you can more than get away with a pair of glasses you love, even if they aren’t technically ideal for your face.

The timing is perfect for vintage-looking frames. It’s warm, and summer trends couldn’t be friendlier to a little nostalgia, putting your hot new vintage glasses from Zenni precisely on-trend.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Graduation Season Kickoff

Just one word: “Glasses!”

Whether or not this play on the famous line from “The Graduate” resonates with you, June is right around the corner, and that means graduation season. Many high schools are already on summer break. That means gifts for grads, graduation ceremonies, and taking the next big step to college, post-graduate studies, and facing more of the real world. A mature pair of glasses may be just the thing to for this unique occasion.

What do recent grads want? For the most part huge parties, a moment to enjoy freedom from nightly homework and early classes, and money. This is, unsurprisingly, one of the many times when what you want and what you need diverge. Ideal gifts for grads help them reach their goals. If a grad wants to learn about water shortages in India before they start college where they want to study economic development and communication, cash to help fund their trip makes sense.

If a grad just plans to jump into an entry-level job in finance now that they’re done with their undergraduate degree, something more practical makes a lot more sense. Glasses are certainly one of the most sensible options.

The perfect pair of mature glasses for a new grad help them develop a respectable appearance. The process of aging your image can be a painful one, and the right pair of glasses goes a long way to helping a recent grad build the poised, mature, professional look they need to leverage their skills and experience as they begin their life’s next step.

To identify the right frames, consider two characteristics: the shape of the frame and the color. You can find frames that read as responsible in terms of both shape and color, while still being fun.Sensible frames tend to have smaller lenses, such as those on this page, as opposed to large round or squared frames. They are also typically rectangular instead of circular or squared. They look more professional because they make any obvious or powerful fashion statement, except that the wearer cares about functionalism.

Appropriate colors are similarly refined. Greys, browns, and blacks are the best choices because they look professional, don’t stand out, and match most outfits. However, they don’t have to be dull. College kids aren’t going to want boring glasses. As long as they are wearable every day, they want something slight fun, such as the brown and gold pair above.

Graduation season is a time to celebrate. It’s also the right time to give grads gifts that are appropriate for their future, such as a mature pair of glasses.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Memorial Day Tips – Party Ideas, Sales, and More

It’s time to gear up for Memorial Day Weekend and all the amazing summer kick-off parties you could throw and attend. This Frame Friday we’re rounding up some amazing frames, as well as important Memorial Day tips and info, starting with Zenni’s Memorial Day Sale on all polarized and photochromatic lenses running until May 28th. Also, don’t forget that today is the last day to go pin-crazy on ZenniOptical’s Pin It to Win It Giveaway. Make it count! 

Let’s start with the basics. Party tips and safety. It’s going to be hot, so prepare accordingly. If you are hosting, have tons of backup ice and make it really easy for guests to drink lots of water and stay hydrated, whatever else they are drinking. You may also want to provide sunscreen if people will be outdoors, and fun disposable hats are a perfect way to provide more shade. If there will be water nearby such as a pool, be sure someone capable is watching the water at all times to keep little ones out of the water and swimmers safe.

Food, outfits, and decorations are half the battle on Memorial Day. Festive, patriotic themes are always popular and appropriate because of the origins of the holiday. For food, you can find a huge list of recipes online, but balancing things that everyone will like, which will stay safe to eat and be easy to carry and serve, and are fun and celebratory is less simple. Stick to upscale and interesting takes on class BBQ items, like hot dogs but with kimchi toppings or layered dip but use blue corn and fried chipotle pepper chips.

Now the big one, trips. Three day weekends are a great time to get out of Dodge, especially if you live in a big city that will be broiling with early summer heat. With no plans (maybe everything fell through at the last minute), take this opportunity for a quick visit. Washington D.C. can make a great budget trip if you’re within driving distance, especially if you know someone who will put you up or are efficient with Air BnB. In Southern California, Palm Springs offers an escape, if not from the heat at least from the pace of celluloid life, with a range of price options. St. Louis, New Orleans, and Austin are all within road-trip striking distance even if you don’t live in the Sunshine Belt. They respectively offer BBQ, Creole food and culture, and a great mix of culture and outdoorsy fun. Float the river anyone?

Finally, sales. It’s a great weekend to save money, offering some of the best deals all year. So after you’ve grabbed a pair or two of hot Zenni frames with polarized lenses – which make it easier to see and protect your eyes in high-glare situations such as around a pool, lake, or ocean for a great summer party – from Zenni’s Memorial Day Sale, head out to snag a few other deals. Just stay savvy and skip summer seasonal items that retailers may claim are “on sale” but don’t actually offer significant savings.

No matter what you do or with whom you appreciate the extra day off, do take a moment to remember the men and women in the armed forced who have given their lives in the line of duty. Their sacrifices are the reason for the holiday and pausing to feel and express gratitude is always worth your time.

Hope you have your Zennis nearby! Slide on the perfect shades and have an AWESOME three day weekend and a safe Memorial Day!

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