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“Frame Friday” Roundup: St. Patty’s Looks Good

St. Patrick’s Day started as a small holiday in Ireland back in the 1700s. It’s become something much more than that. “Everybody’s Irish on St. Patty’s” as the saying goes. If you don’t want to look out of place, consider a great set of green glasses from Zenni.

Irish immigrants brought St. Patrick’s Day to the United States. By the early 19th Century, it had grown into an important expression of community pride for Irish Americans, centered on the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Nearly 200 years later, those immigrants would hardly recognize it.

In fact, St. Patrick’s day is a much bigger, sillier, more widely accepted day of festivities in the United States than it is back in Ireland. However, most of the indicative foods and symbols of the hobby have been the same for hundreds of years.

Two of the most iconic symbols of the holiday that have stood the test of time are wearing green – like a stylish pair of thin-rimmed glasses – and pinching people who don’t wear green.

Many think that the color green actually supplanted blue as the representation of St. Patrick’s Day around the time the holiday migrated to the United States, perhaps to embrace one of the dominant colors on the Irish flag. It might have to do with the tradition of dying the Chicago river green for the day, which also began around that time for seemingly unknown reasons.

More interestingly, the practice of pinching those who don’t wear green possibly has much older roots. Supposedly, Leprechauns like to pinch people, but wearing green makes you invisible to them. So people began pinching on St. Patty’s to remind others about how to avoid these mythological creatures and perhaps also to have a bit of fun mimicking them.

Whatever St. Patrick’s Day means to you, whether it’s a day to think about your heritage, an opportunity for green EVERYTHING, or a chance to cut loose and have fun, you’ll be happier doing it with the right glasses. Strap on a pair of green lenses from Zenni and wonder how St. Patty’s Day looks so good.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Show Your True Colors (& Daylight Savings)

It’s no secret. Most of us don’t really yearn to spring forward in the same way we love the extra hour of sleep from “falling back” (into our beds). The right glasses can help you put a positive spin on the seasonal silliness. It’s just a matter of figuring out the right range of glasses colors for your skin tone, eyes, and hair color.

Finding the right frames for you starts with identifying your skin’s hue. Skin tone (and hair and eyes) is either warm or cool. The best way to identify you skin’s hue is to take a clean piece of plain white paper out on a sunny day. Lay your hand on the paper, palm up, and examine the veins on the inside of your wrist. Clearly blue veins indicate a cool hue, while a greenish tint suggests your skin tone is warm.

Think of the pigment color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The colors from red to yellow are warm, and from green to violet/purple are cool. Basically reds are warm and blues are cool. Yellowish-green straddles the divide, as does reddish-purple.

Your glasses color should compliment your skin tone. Warm skin, warm glasses color. But there’s a huge range within the right tone. Consider the tone of your hair and eye color to help you narrow down your options. From there it’s up to you and your tastes.

The darkness and depth of your skin tone also affects the best glasses color for you. For lighter skin, brighter or lighter shades of the same color might be better, while for deeper skin tones, you might opt for a deeper color. Think a lighter blue compared to a much deeper, dark royal blue, for example.

If you’re still confused, there are a few quick rules to help you approximate. Yellower skin tones are warm – think amber or peaches and cream skin. Bluer  and sometimes pinker skin tones are cool. Olive skin is an example of this. Or just take a bunch of glasses or pieces of clothing at a store or from your home and hold them up to your skin in the sun. The tones that match your skin are obvious with this test.

Of course, some people buck these traditions to good effect. But this is difficult. Tread carefully if you want your glasses to compliment your skin tone and help you when when you’re pulling a long face because you lost an hour of sleep to daylight savings.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Half Way to Spring

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted six more weeks of winter on February 2, and so far the horrible weather may have proven him right. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start looking ahead to spring with these thrilling glasses from Zenni’s spring collection.

There are at least three reasons why these spring glasses are a great idea even if you’re staring at sub-zero temperatures and over a foot of snow outside.

First, it’s all mental. Warm, shiny colors and new trends that you get to wear and enjoy every day boost the mood and help you feel more energetic and happy. What’s not to love about a little lens-based pick-me-up when you’re deep in the doldrums of winter?

Second, it’s never too early to start prepping for warmer weather. Get a jump on spring fashion and accessories to get motivated and do a little early spring cleaning. Dig through your wardrobe for anything other than your same grey coat. And you might just have some fun thinking about your spring plans.

Speaking of spring plans, spring break is coming. Not juts a holiday for students and teachers, spring break season is the unofficial period from March to late April during which everybody wants to hop on a plane or into a car and high-tail it for points south.

Know where your new frames will fit right in? Yep, the beaches of Florida over spring break.

So don’t let a groundhog from Pennsylvania who groggily ambled toward the paper on the shadow-side, nor the single digit temperatures of late February get you down. Spring is (almost) in the air and these glasses are here to prove it.


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“Frame Friday” Roundup: Take Them to the Slopes

It may be the end of Presidents’ Week, or as the posh prefer to call it, “Ski Week.” And end to celebrating George Washington’s birthday is no reason to stop planning a fun ski trip for you and your kids in their hot new Zenni glasses.

There are a number of reasons to get your kids out on the slopes, assuming you can drive there for a short day or weekend trip. The biggest is that skiing and snowboarding are truly unique experiences that engender a lifetime of passion in many people.

You might have simpler goals, like a desire to spend some quality time together during this short school holiday. You still need to outfit your children in the right gear no matter why you take them skiing, and if they wear glasses, their eye wear warrants special attention.

Nearly any kid-friendly pair of glasses works. However, more durable frames such as all those shown here are the safest option. Goggles are the the most important piece of eye wear, even more so for children with glasses.

First, they keep snow and sunlight out of their eyes. Second, goggles protect their glasses. If the child falls face first, the impact won’t break their glasses. If they wipe out and slide 50 feet down the trail, they won’t have to blindly hike back up the mountain to find them; you the glasses are the first thing to come off in a good spill.

Fortunately, most goggles have room for kids’ glasses underneath. So they can stay safe, look like they know what they’re doing, and keep their sweet Zenni frames unscathed through a day of hearty learning.

The story about George Washington chopping down his dad’s cherry tree and then admitting it, saying “I cannot tell a lie, pa,” may be a fabrication, but if you give your kids their first awesome skiing experience, you can bet they’ll tell you the truth about how much fun they had on ski week. Just remember to take the necessary steps to keep them and their eyes safe with Zenni glasses.

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“Frame Friday” Roundup: It’s Valentine’s Day

Can you even remember the last time we had a Valentine’s Day on a Friday? What luck! Good if you’re into weekend-long celebrations of love, less so if you balk at the idea of planning for three days. If you’re on the hook for something that looks good last minute, Zenni has you covered with these Valentine’s Day special glasses.

The never-ending debate about a “Hallmark greeting card holiday” gets tired, and the issue comes down to one thing anyway; do you want to use a day set aside for people to express romantic affection to their partners/ spouses/ significant others for that purpose or not? If you do, a pair of glasses might be the perfect way to start.

There are two paths to take when planning a Valentine’s Day thing. One is to make an event of it, dressing in the right style and taking your partner to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The other is to keep it low-key and casual, perhaps cooking a meal at home or just going on a walk (down memory lane) to keep things personal and unassuming.

Regardless of which tact you take, what you wear will be important. It’s a sign of how seriously you take the date and of how you want to present yourself, from your glasses down to your shoes. 

An interesting thing to consider is that while everything you wear matters, it doesn’t all have to explicitly match the tone of the evening, and certainly doesn’t have to be “Valentines-y.” These tortoise shell glasses are a perfect example. The frame shape is a bit quirky, but that could be quirky romantic, quirky formal, or quirky trustworthy best friend and amante.

Giving glasses as a gift may be slightly more complicated. It requires thoughtfulness and a good understanding of the recipient. But get it right and you earn all the brownie points in the world. 

They may just be glasses, but Valentine’s Day is also just a holiday. Given the right attention, both can be awesome.

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