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How To Order Tinted Glasses

It’s so easy to color your world with your Zennis whether you want to see everything through rose-colored glasses or blue, amber, green, grey, purple or yellow ones. Let’s have a fun look at the properties of each lens tint color, then get to how you can order your choice of Zenni tint so simply for just $4.95:

mary kate olsen with pink tint glasses

Photo Credit: Hollywood Holland

*Mary Kate Olsen wears her pink-tinted round glasses year after year!

*Pink tinting is great for low-light conditions to increase perception.

*Pink-tinted lenses contrast well against blue and green backgrounds, making them a good choice for activities like boating or golf.

*Light pink lenses may help people who work in harshly lit offices have more comfortable eyes while working.

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

*Recent studies in Japan have connected wearing blue-tinted glasses with weight loss. The theory is that the cool color makes you less hungry. Well, this may make sense as fast food restaurants have colored their eateries with warmer colors like orange, based on studies that these hues stimulate the appetite.

*Blue tint is a fashion eyewear favorite for Johnny Depp and, in a lighter intensity, — Bono.

*Except for blue mirror coatings, blue tints shouldn’t be used for outdoor or driving glasses since they may increase glare.

brad pitt brown glasses

Photo Credit: Filmlerim

*Mr. Photogenic, AKA Brad Pitt, loves an amber-tint and it loves him back.

*Amber is a good all purpose sunglasses tint as it blocks out blue light.

*Grey tint doesn’t distort color as amber does, but some people prefer the warmth amber tinting adds to how they see objects.

*Amber-tinted lenses are suitable for driving and activities such as fishing and boating.

amber lenses keri hilson

Photo Credit: Fashionhi

*Singer Keri Hilson caused a fashion stir (in a good way) by going green in glasses.

*Green is good for low light conditions to help visual sharpness.

*Baseball, golf and fishing are some sports in which green-tinted lenses are popularly used.

Photo Credit: Fashion Allure

*Yellow-tinted glasses may be used indoors or outdoors to help increase visual sharpness and contrast.

*Computer gaming, basketball, tennis/racquetball and skiing are some popular activities for yellow-tinted lenses.

*People who spend a lot of time looking at computer screens may find reduced or prevented eyestrain from wearing yellow lenses.

Photo Credit: Jamie Reina, AFP, Getty, WLFX

*Purple is just one of the many eyeglasses tints Elton John wears. Typically, he matches his clothing and even a piano or other stage items to his lens color.

*Purple balances color perception and is good for contrast against green backgrounds such as hiking in forests.

*Unlike blue-tinted lenses, which can cause more glare, purple tinting on glasses does provide some shading from the sun’s rays.

Photo Credit: The Seaside Style

*As actor Ewen McGregor shows in the photo above, grey lenses can be worn attractively with gold-toned frames as well as silver metal, black or colored frame options.

*Grey lenses allow for the truest color visibility and grey is the most recommended tint color for general purpose use.

*An 80% grey tint is recommended for the best sun-blocking, anti-glare protection on bright, sunny days. Here’s info on what the 10%, 50% and 80% intensities of available tint colors mean as well as how to order your choice of tinting on your prescription glasses for just $4.95:
Tint Intensity

*80% is a dark intensity of color used for sunglasses.

*80% amber tint is suitable for overcast and sunny days and changes true color to a richer, warmer view.

*80% grey tint is the most recommended color and intensity for sunglasses used in bright light conditions and to preserve true color when viewing objects.

*50% color tinting gives a medium intensity that can be used for outdoor or indoor use. People who are moving between the outdoors and indoors — such as servers for an outside patio who go back and forth from the patio to the kitchen — often prefer a 50% tint.

*10% tinting is purely cosmetic and is light in intensity. A 10% tint color will be noticed more by people looking at your glasses than you seeing objects in the tint color. This is a popular choice for fashion outfits or costumes.
How To Order Tinting:

1. Once you’ve chosen your color and intensity, you’re ready to add it on to your prescription frame order after filling in your prescription details. Just follow the easy Zenni ordering system when you select your frame from the online catalog.

2. Most Zenni prescription frames can be ordered with tinted lenses an bifocal and progressive prescriptions as well as single vision ones can be used with tints.

3. Don’t forget to check your prescription information for accuracy as well as the tinting add on details. After you’ve added your new prescription tinted glasses to the shopping cart and made your payment details, you’re done!  Now just wait for your cool shades to arrive!

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How To Get Reese Witherspoon’s Cute Sunglasses Looks

Reese’s Pieces:  If you love actress Reese Witherspoon’s style, look for simple, easygoing separates and combine them for a result that looks effortless and casual-elegant. Also choose pieces that suit your shape. In Reese’s case, she flatters her heart-shaped face by sticking with frames that are squared off at the bottom of the lens.

Reese Witherspoon, June 2013, Beverly Hills, Photo: Xpose

Reese Witherspoon, Feb. 2010, Beverly Hills, Photo: Style Bistro

Zenni A8608421 Women's Non-Prescription Frame Only $22.95

Zenni 640015 Women's Prescription Frame with Matching Sunshade Only $29.95

Reeses loves her Wayfarer style and has worn it for years. Her dark lenses are awesome on her, but she’d look great in the gradient frames above or by switching the black up for a brown frame too, don’t you think? The clothing shown in the two photos of Reese Witherspoon above — skirt or dress, dark jeans, blazer, two t-shirts and a denim/twill shirt — could make a great little mix and match wardrobe. Changing things up with closed flats or flat strappy sandals like Reese does is both fun and practical. (For more info and ordering details on the Zenni frames, just click on those images.)

Reese Witherspoon Photo Credit: People magazine

Zenni 418912 Women's Modified Aviator Prescription Frame Only $9.95

Zenni A8609032 Women's Non-Prescription Frame Only $24.95

Reese knows that modified aviators are perfect for balancing out her narrow chin that is part and parcel of having a (beautiful) heart-shaped face. Rather than sloping at the bottom like standard aviators, the modified style features a squared off lower portion. A modified aviator style like the Zenni 418912 frame above is perfect for turning into your own Witherspoon-styled sunnies. The frame is a real bargain at just $9.95 and adding sunglasses tinting in your choice of color is only $4.95, so this adds up to a star quality pair of sunnies for under $15!

Reese Witherspoon: Natural Elegance

Zenni Z8234919 Women's Non-Prescription Frame Only $11.95

Zenni 270416 Women's Prescription Frame Only $15.95

Soft, freewheeling colors that hint of vintage memories can help you get the Reese Witherspoon fashion look. As shown in the first two photos in this post, even her reds and hot pinks are richly saturated in tone rather than rainbow bright. When wearing colored frames, Reese gets a gold star for keeping her lips natural. Rich pink eyewear and matching lipstick is not going to flatter anyone because rather than having vintage charm it will more likely simply look out of date and who wants that?

 So, What’s Reese Up To These Days?


Witherspoon recently signed a deal to co-star with Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) in the comedy film, Don’t Mess with Texas. Wonder if it’ll be as good as Sweet Home Alabama?


The 37 year old mom to little Tennessee, who was born last September, is also set to play a 26 year old (yes, she looks that good!) in the upcoming movie, Wild, which is based on the bestselling novel by Cheryl Strayed. It involves a story about a woman who experiences the loss of both her mother and her marriage. She decides to hike alone for 1,000 miles on the Pacific Coast Trail. This probably isn’t the smartest decision, but it should make for a good movie — especially with Reese starring.


Yet another film project Reese is reported to have in the works is a bad marriage movie based on the bestselling thriller  novel,  Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn. This one is set to co-star Ben Affleck, yet whether Reese will take the lead role is still not determined. She is producing the movie though, with director David Fincher (Alien, Fight Club, Panic Room) on board. It’s great to hear that Reese is involved in so many projects as her scandals seem miles behind her now.

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Weekly Optical Illusion: Amazing Bead Chain Experiment

At first glance, when you watch the beads literally “jump” out of the container, it appears that they have taken on a life of their own. However, according “Earth Unplugged” who were the original creators of this video, something much more scientifically and physically possibly is happening than… well, than metal beads on a chain coming to life. Essentially what is happening is purely a matter of physics: the force of the pulling chain dropping to the ground is enough to perpetuate the rest of the chain being “pulled” out of the jar. The large “arc” that develops as the chain exit the glass beaker is just a result of the chain being in perpetual motion and being forced up, and then down. Still, no matter how you slice it… it’s very fascinating to watch.

What do you think? Any alternate theories?

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Trends Of 2013: Geek Chic Continues

If you haven’t embraced the fun of Geek Chic yet, get your big glasses and buttoned-to-the-neck shirts now. Don’t be shy because you don’t have to go “full Urkel” but instead go more “glam geek” like Anne Hathaway or Erica America if that’s more your style:

Photo Credit: Getty -- Erica America

When you’re this glamorous, you can wear your geek glasses a little askew for effect. Way to go, TV/radio hostess with the mostess, Erica America (Erica Hayden)! We love the hair swept to one side and a glam drop earring on the other side. Natural-toned eye makeup and lipstick are a must for this gorgeously-geeky look that Erica wears so well.


Zenni Women’s 604721 $27.95

“Hand me my Zennis” we would say before going on stage if we were TV hosts or movie stars. (We like to dream big here at Zenni Optical.) Well, this Zenni 604721 Geek Chic frame hits the mark for trendy nerdy fashion to be sure. The black front is accented with cream temple arms for a contemporary twist on a retro-classic style. This acetate, full rim women’s frame is also available in bifocal and progressive prescriptions as well as single vision and it’s a smart looking choice to wear anywhere.


Photo Credit: Getty -- J Crew / Mercedes-Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week


For those ready for the extreme female Urkel experience, rest assured it comes trend approved from the Mercedes-Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week held in New York in September, 2012. We find this J. Crew look a little scary. Is that a men’s western pajama top she’s wearing with shrimp-toned lipstick? Even worse, did someone wrap her glasses in duct tape? Still, if you adapt the ideas to your own (good) taste, you can’t go wrong.

Zenni Women’s 234912 $15.95

To keep you headed in the right Extreme Geek Chic fashion direction, this fabulously geeky Zenni women’s 234912 frame will give you grey Geek Chic gracefully. The green temple arms add contemporary, trendy contrast and it’s very much a Steve Urkel color. (See his cardigan in the photo below.)

Photo Credit: ABC Family Matters — Steve Urkel (Jaleel White)


For male Urkel wannabes, a tone down in the eyeglasses department is also recommended. Here’s a great Zenni pick that’s both geeky and good-looking:

Zenni Men’s 246425 $19.00

Tortoiseshell geek glasses are hot in 2013 and this Zenni Men’s 246425, medium-fit frame is geeky without the goofy. Instead, it just looks smart and is also made of flexible plastic for maximum comfort.


Photo Credit: NBC / Daily Mail -- The Voice -- Usher


Here’s Usher on The Voice a few weeks ago. He’s wearing big, black geek glasses in honor of contestant Michelle Chamuel on Team Usher. You know though, we’d love to see Usher in these Zenni Brown/Green/Black Geek Chic glasses to bring out the brown/tans of his outfit:

Zenni Men’s 621815 $25.95

Adjustable silicone nose pads make this great-looking geek frame super-comfortable. Brown, green and black add a nice change over plain black for this trendy men’s frame.

Photo Credit: NBC / Daily Mail -- The Voice -- Michelle Chamuel

Singing her heart out on The Voice and wowing the audience as a real favorite, we don’t think Michelle should change her signature look. But she should definitely order from Zenni and try out this women’s Geek Chic New Arrival frame that’s just her style:

Zenni Women’s 286021 $12.95

Also available in brown (Zenni Women’s 286015), this black, New Arrival Geek Chic frame tends to look super-flattering on most faces. You can upload your face photo into Zenni Frame Fit to see how Michelle Chamuel’s look would look on you, or just view this frame on different stock photos. (Click on the glasses image above to get into the Zenni catalog with the Frame Fit on the right hand side.)



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Do You Want Glasses Like Pope Francis’?

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better known as Pope Francis, the newest papal dignitary, seems to be spending a lot of time reaching out to the masses by making public appearances as well as getting involved in some controversial news stories. The 76 year old even has millions of Twitter followers to whom he Tweeted: “Dear Friends, I thank you from my heart and I ask you to continue to pray for me.” Well, he may need a lot of prayers if the media keep calling him an exorcist or he keeps irritating the Vatican with his atheist-friendly attitude. Well we do like his round, classic John Lennon-style glasses that are back in style. But, why are these glasses mysteriously absent in photos taken the day after he first wore them as Pope?


The Mystery Of The Disappearing Eyeglasses

Photo Credits: Rueters/Frontpage


Photo Credits: Reuters


One picture above is not like the other. Although the photos were taken only a day apart and Pope Francis wore the same papal garment, his glasses are oddly missing in the second photo. It gets even odder as a closer look at the second photo shows a pretty much identical pair of round glasses on Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Vicar General of Rome, who also happens to look amazingly like Pope Francis in both build and facial features. I guess we’ll never know whether one of them borrowed the other’s glasses or what happened, but for sure this is a nice style on older men — that we can say with certainty. We’ve gathered up some great, similar Zenni styles below, plus added a few frames close to the style of the other man in the photo — Cardinal Santos Abril of Spain:


 Zenni 550011  $9.95

This frame has spring hinges for maximum durability at such a low price! It’s a silver-toned, medium-fit frame of lightweight, metal alloy that’s also available in bifocal and progressive prescriptions as well as single vision. This is just the perfect frame for papal visits — or just running errands!

Zenni 322111 $19.00

If you want to go a little more oval  than completely round in lens-shape while still retaining Pope Francis’ basic eyewear look, the Zenni 322111 frame is a nice choice. This frame is actually available in 37 different lens shapes!


Zenni 589021 $27.95

Here’s a practical summer version of Pope Francis’ round eyewear style. Rather than silver or gold metal tones, this lightweight metal alloy frame has a thin, full rim in black which is flattering on many people. The detachable, polarized sunshades are an exact fit to the Zenni 589021 frame, so you get a smooth look in a prong-mounted setting. The fit is medium-large and single vision, bifocal and progressive prescriptions are all available.


Zenni 229721 $12.95

Certainly not just for cardinals, this medium-fit, single vision frame features a thick upper section with rimless lower lenses for a contemporary look. It’s ideal for those who prefer the style of thicker frames — especially at the temples. The temple arms also have an attractive striping detail — to make you feel years younger while still looking age-appropriate.


Zenni 793121 $25.95

A really stylish, trendy version of Cardinal Santos’ glasses, the Zenni 793121 frame is a smart, black and gray half-rim design with distinguished-looking, yet fashionable, temple arms. This medium-fit, single vision, men’s frame has a pleasing finish in hypoallergenic, black stainless steel. Very nice! — now back to Pope Francis …


Pope Francis, The Atheist-Supporting Exorcist?

Disappearing eyeglasses on Pope Francis is the least of the Vatican’s concerns these days. The Pope caused a media stir when he was recently reported as performing an exorcism when he laid his hands on a young man’s head after a St. Peter’s Square Vatican City mass. Then, a few days later, the Pope sermonizing that atheists can do as much good as believers once again had the Vatican a little agitated. It’ll be interesting to see what Pope Francis will do or say next — and whether round or other glasses will make a reappearance!



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