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We all love giving presents for the holidays. But even more than the jingle of sleigh bells, the ka-CHING! of cash registers keeps clanging in our heads. Presents, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, cards, fruitcakes (gag) – they all add up till our wallets are as empty as a naughty kid’s stocking. Well, we here at Zenni know your budget is stretched tighter than Kris Kringle’s belt. So we’re cutting you some slack, and giving you a very special present: free shipping on all U.S. orders $100 or more. This offer ends Dec. 8, so get your order in now, before you dot another i, Bob Cratchit – or since it’s Zenni Optical, before you dot another eye!
2847 Plastic Full-Rim Frame

2850 Plastic Full-Rim Frame

2851 Plastic Full-Rim Frame

2484 Plastic Full-Rim Frame with Spring Hinges

2775 Plastic Half-Rim Frame with Spring Hinge

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Back To School Fashion Trends 2013 For Younger Kids

kids fashion trends

Enjoy the last weeks of summer while checking out these cute, trending styles for back to school 2013 for your smallest student!

 What’s Trending For Boys:


  • Layering shirts and a jacket over skinny-legged jeans or corduroys

  • Graphic print t-shirts

  • Plaid shirts

  • Stripes — especially black and white

  • Neutral as well as colored jeans and pants — all with a narrow leg

  • Distressed denim

  • Red, tan, blues, emerald green, yellow, black

  • Preppy cardigan sweater used as part of a layered, funky outfit

  • High-top shoes

  • Dry erase shoes! (Skribbles is one brand)

  • Cute, graphic backpacks such as animal-themed ones with fabric ears

  • Shirts buttoned to the neck — with or without a bow tie

  • Geek chic glasses to tie in this year’s most popular back to school theme of geeky meets funky:

black framed kids glasses
Get the Zenni Tortoiseshell/White Children’s Frame (636225) for only $19.00!
Look for classic black and tortoiseshell Wayfare-shaped frames for little ones for a delightfully nerdy look. You could also go for colored or patterned frames as these are also trending for little kids. Since Zenni’s prices are so school budget-friendly, it’s a good idea to get a second pair of childrens’ glasses as an emergency pair. Many parents like to have several pairs to create a glasses wardrobe so that their child can choose which frame to wear each day.


What’s Trending For Girls:


  • Tiered, ruffled skirts and dresses worn with printed, skinny legging pants for a funky look

  • Pattern mixing

  • Floral prints for skirts and dresses

  • Plaid and checks

  • Stripes — especially black and white

  • Polka dots

  • Distressed denim

  • Emerald green, pinks, purples, blues, blue-greens, yellow, tan

  • Narrow-legged pant styles in jeans and corduroys

  • Preppy cardigan sweaters used as part of a layered, funky outfit

  • Animal prints

  • High-top shoes

  • Dry erase shoes! (Skribbles is one brand)

  • Cute, graphic back packs such as animal-themed ones with fabric ears

  • Turtlenecks and button-up shirts to the neck

  • Geek chic glasses to tie in this year’s most popular back to school theme of geeky meets funky:

girls glasses
Get the Zenni Purple and Multi-Color Children’s Frame (230517) for only $9.95!
Along with the classic, nerdy black frames, cat-eye shapes in tortoiseshell are also popular for girls this season. Keep in mind that not every face is flattered by cat eye frames though, but you can upload your child’s face photo into the Zenni Frame Fit system to view how it will look on your little style princess. Pink never goes out of style for princesses either, but look for this classic color in light or dark shades in Wayfarer or cat-eye shapes for a style update.

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‘Pin To Win’ Your Choice Of Zenni Eyewear!

Do you Pin (as in Pinterest)? If not, it’s quick, fun and easy to do. Simply start following Zenni Optical on Pinterest at:, start a board and ‘pin to win’ your favorite glasses.  Whether you’re a ‘pinner beginner’ or already a Zenni Pinterest follower, get pinning now. On June 23, 10 winners will be drawn, so lots of pinning can increase your chances of winning!

How Can I Win?

As you look for your favorite eyewear to pin from the Zenni Optical online catalog, you’ll see this official Pin it to Win it badge: (Just click on the badge below to enter the Zenni catalog.)Clicking on the badge in the catalog will bring up a screen with your selected eyewear and a “Pin It” tag to click on so you can add it to your Pinterest board. You’ll also get complete contest instructions and rules there too, so it’s a total breeze to play Pin it to Win it. Are you game? Here are some new arrivals that you could win if you’re one of the 10 ‘pinners’ drawn on June 23: (Just click on any of the glasses images below, then click again on the image in the catalog to bring up the badge.)

Zenni Women’s 771218 $23.95

Isn’t this the perfect shade of red? It goes beautifully with the bright colors in fashion trending for the rest of 2013. Plus, red is a classic ‘go to’ color anytime. This medium-fit, women’s frame is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel with stylishly-textured, acetate temple arms. It’s a Zenni New Arrival that looks smart for work, school or anywhere. (If it’s your style, just Pin it to Win it!)

Zenni Men’s 793115 $25.95

Yes, we have male followers on our Zenni Pinterest boards. Or, maybe you’re a female who would like to win a sharp New Arrival frame like this one with fabulous, fin-like temple arms for your sweetie? In any case, this is just one of the many new men’s and women’s Zenni frames available to be won in our Pin it to Win it promotion. Remember, you don’t have to choose a newer frame as virtually all Zenni glasses are eligible for pinning and winning including our non-prescription sunglasses.

Zenni Women’s 286115 $9.95

Is it wrong that this uniquely-patterned, New Arrival frame makes us think of iced lattes? Well, if it is we don’t want to be right as this new women’s frame is sweet and cool for work or weekends. (If you want to “pin to win” this one, you may also be interested in the same frame in a red and white random pattern: Zenni Women’s 286119.)

Zenni Women’s 779317 $23.95

Here’s a New Arrival many of our Pinterest followers may want to pin. This frame is made of lightweight metal alloy in purple with silver accents and adorable flowers featured on the flexible temple arms. Cute!

Zenni Men’s 771121 $23.95

This is a great men’s frame for “pinning and winning” as this New Arrival is shaped to flatter just about any face shape, age and skin tone. It’s also made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, so metal allergies aren’t a problem. The black, half-rim styling looks clean, modern and classy, plus the adjustable nose pads and acetate temple arm tips add extra comfort.


Zenni Women’s 558118 $19.00

With spring hinges for durability and an airy, feminine appeal for Spring, this New Arrival, large-fitting women’s frame is super-elegant in gold and red. The sophisticated, openwork metal design at the temples is eye-catching and very classy. If your Zenni eyeglasses wardrobe could use a beautiful frame fit for special occasions or any occasion, you may want to Pin it to Win it.


Happy pinning and good luck! We hope to see you on the Zenni Pinterest boards at:


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Looking At Hot Fashion Trends Of 2013: Ombre Is Continuing Into Summer

The ombre color trend of dark to light, or light to dark, shades of the same color gained real momentum in January 2013 with it burning past hair coloring looks alone and becoming increasingly hot in eyeglasses, jewerly, makeup, clothing, home decor and even weddings. This lively look isn’t dying down anytime soon either. Get inspired by the ombre trend and let Zenni’s beautiful collection of ombre-inspired eyewear have you looking trendy without the spendy:

(Just click on any of the  Zenni glasses images below for ordering info.)

Credits: Red Velvet Layer Cake created by Francine Stewart, One Girl Cookies, Brooklyn, NY — photo featured on Me And You Look Book

 Mmmmm, this red velvet ombre wedding cake looks too pretty to eat!

Zenni 717125 $19.00                      

 This sophisticated, striped frame in yummy shades of red with silver metal accents on the temple arms, takes the cake for summer style at only $19.oo! These glasses could certainly be worn to a wedding or anywhere you want to impress for less!

Credits: Young, Fabulous and Broke’s Ombre Trapeze Maxi Dress for Nordstrom

Couldn’t you just live in this all summer — along with the cool, co-ordinating Zenni 237823 glasses for only $12.95 below? (Hint: Just add a detachable sunshade to that Zenni frame for only $3.95 to give your prescription glasses double duty as sunglasses!)

Zenni 237823 $12.95

This fashionable, yet practical, full rim plastic frame, fits medium to large sized faces and is super-flattering on most women regardless of face shape, skin tone, age or eye color! (If you click on the glasses image above, you can upload your photo to the Zenni Frame Fit feature on the right side of the page you’ll be on to see how this frame will look on you.)

Credits: Suite Revival

 Any favorite summer flea market find can be transformed into a trendy ombre decor item by using several shades of paint on the same chip as Suite Revival did here.Zenni 387223 $19.00

 Yellow and clear transparent acetate mix in awesome ombre style for a fresh fashion eyewear statement. Not only does this attractive, full rim frame have durable spring hinges and adjustable temples for a comfortable fit, but each temple features a pretty, gold-colored accent.

Credits: Dream In Purple

 Purple ombre glitter nails? Tres chic! Zenni 256917 $27.95

Keep the elegance going with this purple, amethyst-toned acetate frame that features sparkling crystals on esquisitely-shaped, curving temple arms. The arms are flexible too for a custom, comfort fit in a medium-sized frame.

Credits: Reebok Elite Ombre tank style swimsuit at Alera Swimsuits

A sporty tank type of bathing suit lets you get a good workout in the water. The trendy ombre details keep you stylish as does the beachy-looking Zenni frame below for just $12.95. All you have to do to really beach it up for next to nothing is add a clip-on sunshade for $3.95, or sunglasses tint for $4.95.

Zenni 230726 $12.95

Metallic temple details accent this pretty acetate, full rim frame in beautiful, tropical blues and a random, spotted pattern that remind us of sea turtles. The fit is ideal for a medium-large face and single vision, bifocal and progressive prescriptions are all available. It’s sooooo fashionable!

Credits: Innervisionary

Some pretty jewelry can dress up any spring or summer outfit for a romantic dinner or special occasion. We love the cooling, refreshing appearance of this necklace and earring set by Innervisionary.

Zenni 621424 $27.95

Make a trendy ombre style statement that is still appropriate for work, meetings or anywhere. The eye-catching metallic detail at each temple adds the perfect finishing touch to this full rim, medium-large acetate frame. A deep green upper flows into a lighter shade on the lower rim that’s reminiscent of beach glass.

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Do-It-Yourself Frames For Summer Fashion Fun

With so many fabulous fashion frames available at Zenni for a mere $6.95, and tinting to make any glasses sunglasses for only $4.95, making your own designer prescription sunglasses is so affordable!  It’s also just so much fun to gather up some favorite and inexpensive craft items to really make your glasses special. The best part is that anyone can do this — no art degree required!

Check out our favorite DIY frame ideas:

Make Your Own Striped Sunglasses and Matching Beach Bag


Zenni 806030    $6.95

This white plastic aviator frame for only $6.95 awaits your do-it-yourself inspirations. To get started, consider adding stripes you cut from colored electrical, or duct, tape — available on the cheap at any hardware store. This idea is featured on as a kids’ craft, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at creating awesome summer eyewear.




Don’t forget that you can turn almost any pair of Zenni glasses into sunglasses. For this DIY project, just click on the Zenni 806030 white frame at the top of this page and the “order” button will guide you through the ordering process where you can add tinting for only $4.95. For the beach bag how-tos, click on that image to get the instructions from Can you believe that all you need is tape, cording and a garbage bag?


 Create Your Crystal Blue Fantasy Glasses


 Zenni 338526    $6.95


It’s really amazing that such a trendy-looking, universally-flattering frame as the Zenni 338526 above is just $6.95! The blue and black tones as well as the short lens height tends to look wonderful on a variety of face shapes and skin tones. Turning this frame into a fashion stunner is as easy as gluing on some Swarovski crystal flower beads and adding a few scroll or other lines with a fabric paint writer that also works on plastic.


Swarovski Crystal Marguerite Beads — Sapphire


Scribbles Dimensional Paint Writer — Sky Blue



Design Your Own Pastel Pearl Frame


Zenni 419011    $6.95


Enjoy feminine glamor by simply gluing glass pearls onto this light, full-rim metal aviator frame. Pastel tones are best for a classy look and you can go for all one color or use several pale pearl colors. Either a glue gun or jeweler’s glue may be used for this project. For added glam, you may want to order pink or purple fashion tinting from Zenni — or a regular gray or amber tint to make these 419011 glasses into sunglasses.

Glass Pearl Pastel Beads



 Decorate Your Eyewear With ‘Rubies’ Or Roses


Zenni 223618    $6.95


A row of small ribbon roses glued across the top front or a handful of adhesive craft gems are all it’ll take to make red hot glamor glasses. This pretty red, Zenni 223618 medium-narrow frame is translucent for extra trend appeal. Don’t hesitate to try on this $6.95 frame (by clicking on the glasses image above and using Zenni Frame Fit with your uploaded photo) as you may be happily surprised by the result!


 Martha Stewart Crafts Gems Stickers — Ruby



Small Ribbon Roses — Red

Credits: – Blossom Basket


Let The Eyes Have It


 Zenni 806024    $6.95


This bright green Zenni frame is perfect for fun crafting possibilities. Its large, aviator styling will allow for larger decorations such as a variety of sizes of googly eyes as shown in the “Silly Sunglasses” preschooler project over at You may want to add green tinting to your Zenni 806024 frame order for extra fun!Credits:


Whip Up A Watermelon Frame In Seconds


 Zenni 225224    $6.95


This DIY frame is super-quick as all you need to add is a few polymer clay watermelon slices to this attractive Zenni 225224 style. It has a beautiful, random green and black pattern reminiscent of watermelon rind! If you want more challenge, buy red, green, white and black polymer clay from a craft shop and make your own watermelon details. Otherwise, you can buy the slices ready-made and hot-glue them, or use jeweler’s glue, to position a slice or two creatively at the bridge, temples or wherever you please. Won’t these glasses be fun at summer picnics?


Polymer Clay Watermelon Slices

Credits: — Miniature Sweet


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