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The Economic Benefits of Global Vision Correction (Infographic)

Here at Zenni we make it our mission to provide affordable eyeglasses to just about anyone in the world. However, according to recent studies, the benefits of global clear vision go beyond just the value of improved eyesight, there is also a huge economic benefit. Click on the informational graphic below to get a larger picture of the value of of this simple global investment.


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Tuesday, April, 30 2013 by

The Production Line of Sight (Infographic)

Blue, brown, or hazel, our eyes are amazing mechanisms. They work much like a very complex production line converting “light” into “sight”. And it all happens faster than the blink of an eye. (Click The Graphic For A Close Up)

Click for A Close Up!

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Monday, January, 7 2013 by

“Google Glass” and Emerging Optical Technology (Infographic)

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The future promises the continued blending of technology and the eye (such as Google’s project glass) and other amazing emerging optical technologies on the very near horizon. From Zenni Optical.

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Thursday, June, 21 2012 by