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Trends Of 2013: Geek Chic Continues

If you haven’t embraced the fun of Geek Chic yet, get your big glasses and buttoned-to-the-neck shirts now. Don’t be shy because you don’t have to go “full Urkel” but instead go more “glam geek” like Anne Hathaway or Erica America if that’s more your style:

Photo Credit: Getty -- Erica America

When you’re this glamorous, you can wear your geek glasses a little askew for effect. Way to go, TV/radio hostess with the mostess, Erica America (Erica Hayden)! We love the hair swept to one side and a glam drop earring on the other side. Natural-toned eye makeup and lipstick are a must for this gorgeously-geeky look that Erica wears so well.


Zenni Women’s 604721 $27.95

“Hand me my Zennis” we would say before going on stage if we were TV hosts or movie stars. (We like to dream big here at Zenni Optical.) Well, this Zenni 604721 Geek Chic frame hits the mark for trendy nerdy fashion to be sure. The black front is accented with cream temple arms for a contemporary twist on a retro-classic style. This acetate, full rim women’s frame is also available in bifocal and progressive prescriptions as well as single vision and it’s a smart looking choice to wear anywhere.


Photo Credit: Getty -- J Crew / Mercedes-Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week


For those ready for the extreme female Urkel experience, rest assured it comes trend approved from the Mercedes-Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week held in New York in September, 2012. We find this J. Crew look a little scary. Is that a men’s western pajama top she’s wearing with shrimp-toned lipstick? Even worse, did someone wrap her glasses in duct tape? Still, if you adapt the ideas to your own (good) taste, you can’t go wrong.

Zenni Women’s 234912 $15.95

To keep you headed in the right Extreme Geek Chic fashion direction, this fabulously geeky Zenni women’s 234912 frame will give you grey Geek Chic gracefully. The green temple arms add contemporary, trendy contrast and it’s very much a Steve Urkel color. (See his cardigan in the photo below.)

Photo Credit: ABC Family Matters — Steve Urkel (Jaleel White)


For male Urkel wannabes, a tone down in the eyeglasses department is also recommended. Here’s a great Zenni pick that’s both geeky and good-looking:

Zenni Men’s 246425 $19.00

Tortoiseshell geek glasses are hot in 2013 and this Zenni Men’s 246425, medium-fit frame is geeky without the goofy. Instead, it just looks smart and is also made of flexible plastic for maximum comfort.


Photo Credit: NBC / Daily Mail -- The Voice -- Usher


Here’s Usher on The Voice a few weeks ago. He’s wearing big, black geek glasses in honor of contestant Michelle Chamuel on Team Usher. You know though, we’d love to see Usher in these Zenni Brown/Green/Black Geek Chic glasses to bring out the brown/tans of his outfit:

Zenni Men’s 621815 $25.95

Adjustable silicone nose pads make this great-looking geek frame super-comfortable. Brown, green and black add a nice change over plain black for this trendy men’s frame.

Photo Credit: NBC / Daily Mail -- The Voice -- Michelle Chamuel

Singing her heart out on The Voice and wowing the audience as a real favorite, we don’t think Michelle should change her signature look. But she should definitely order from Zenni and try out this women’s Geek Chic New Arrival frame that’s just her style:

Zenni Women’s 286021 $12.95

Also available in brown (Zenni Women’s 286015), this black, New Arrival Geek Chic frame tends to look super-flattering on most faces. You can upload your face photo into Zenni Frame Fit to see how Michelle Chamuel’s look would look on you, or just view this frame on different stock photos. (Click on the glasses image above to get into the Zenni catalog with the Frame Fit on the right hand side.)



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Utterly Usher — What He’s Up To / Get His Look

What’s New With Usher These Days?

Usher has decided to turn down the offer to stay on as a coach on NBC’s The Voice in favor of starring as boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard in his first leading role in a film called “Hands of Stone.” We can see why he’d accept this kind of opportunity, especially as the movie also features Robert De Niro. Yet, he’ll be missed on The Voice for all of his funny little ways like keeping his leg up on his chair, but also for being just a damn good coach to the Hollywood hopeful singers. He seems to be a great dad to his two sons, Usher 5 and Naviyd 4, too. During a spot on The Tonight Show  with Jay Leno last month, Usher told “the chinned one” that he tries to prepare multi-cultural meals for the boys to widen their horizons food-wise. Usher himself may not be eating too well for long though as he’s reported to have to lose 25lbs for “Hands of Stone” set to begin filming in Panama this October.


How Can You Wear Usher’s Look?

Many guys would like to emulate Usher’s up-to-date, urban style. To be sure, there’s a lot more to his popular fashion picks than just a lot of black clothing, silver chains and red boots. He always looks so beautifully groomed and chooses clothing that suits his personality and body type. (Is gorgeous a body type?) Of course, Usher wears beautiful eyewear that always coordinates with whatever else he’s got on.  Here are our very favorite Usher looks:


Smooth Operator

Photo Credits:

We like how Usher looks smooth even in a cap — literally. His look isn’t rough and sloppy, but neat and pulled-together. He tends to wear pieces in clean, geometric shapes that fit close to the body without being overly tight. We’ve happily noticed that Usher picks eyewear that really enhances the style of whatever outfit he’s wearing. Here’s a trendy tortoiseshell frame in a similar shape as Usher’s in the photo above. Remember, you can order tinting to create sunglasses from almost any Zenni frame from only $4.95.


 Zenni 610425    $29.95

Embrace Usher’s love of silver with the silver-toned metal fashion stripe on each temple arm of this stylish frame. Tortoiseshell frames are trending for both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2013, so this Zenni 610425 frame with durable spring hinges offers great value along with an up-to-date appeal.


Chic Geek

Photo Credits:

The Geek Chic trend looks good on Usher, who adds his signature silver chain along with a properly-nerdy plaid shirt. Notice how neat his collar looks! There will be no buttoning up the shirt right to the neck for him though or even fully doing up the buttons. Usher prefers to wear a t-shirt underneath. We love the geeky glasses on him and have a close Zenni match to his eyewear here:


 Zenni 769721    $29.95

With stylishly-sculpted temple arms made from flexible, TR90 plastic for maximum durability,  this medium-sized black metal alloy frame is fashionably nerdy to be sure. It’s available in progressive and bifocal as well as single vision prescriptions. The adjustable, silicone nose pads add extra comfort on an already comfortable frame!


“I Am Titanium”

Photo Credits:

A white t-shirt and the omnipresent silver chain make a fine summer look for the fine-looking singer, actor and coach on “The Voice.” Jeans and red boots could finish the ensemble.  Eye-catching aviator sunglasses in silver are the perfect finishing touch. Here’s a great silver titanium aviator frame from Zenni to honor Usher choosing members of his team on The Voice to sing David Guetta’s “Titanium” recently. You can order the Zenni 521711 frame below with different options to turn it into Usher-like sunglasses.


Zenni 521711    $45.95

With a pure titanium bridge and temple, and titanium alloy half-rims, this is one solid, yet comfortable eyewear frame! This powerful-looking, Zenni 521711 men’s fashion frame includes spring hinges, black-coated temple ends and silcone nose pads for a perfect fit. Zenni sunglasses tints are only $4.95. You also may want to consider changing the glasses into sunglasses with polarized clip-ons at just $3.95, or instead go for photochromic or magnetic clip-on sunshades from just $19 and up. Click on the frame image above to search for information and also try on frames in our Zenni Frame Fit if you upload your photo.



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Glasses For Mothers

We hope your Mother’s Day celebrations are happy ones whether you are already a mom or hope to become a mother, and/or have a special mother figure in your life. A mom is someone we can share our deepest thoughts with and go to for advice. She’s the one we want special recipes from and to give us a little praise for our achievements in life whether we’re 5 or 55.
Here’s our round-up of favorite glasses for mothers and women of all face shapes, skin colors and ages:


Sparkle and Shine

Zenni 233124 $12.95

Emerald Green is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013 and the outer edges of this frame sure do this hue justice! The look is translucent just like the emerald gemstone and this plastic, half-rim frame has a nice rectangular design that’s very fashionable. The added bonus detailing on the temple arms is perfect for today’s mom as it combines traditional floral elements with a contemporary, stylized design.


Oval Yet Square



Zenni 272825 $15.95


Sqoval anyone? Whatever you want to call the lens shape of this fashionable tortoiseshell frame, it tends to be super-flattering on a wide variety of face shapes and skin tones. There’s also no age limit as this contemporary look on a classic style of frame can equally suit a first-time mom or a great grandma.


Crystals and Flowers


Zenni 339228 $19.00


The centers of the beautifully-delicate flowers on the temple arms of this elegant, burgundy frame are sparkling, clear crystals. The frosted, translucent background of the sweeping floral pattern adds further sophistication and style appeal. Hopefully, mom will get a break and be able to wear this glamorous frame for an elegant night on the town.


The Perfect Pattern


Zenni 629825 $27.95

This new arrival tortoiseshell frame has an attractive, random pattern that’s season-spanning and stylish. The temple arms feature a triple cut-out design to add even more appeal to its geek chic, trendy styling. It’s available in bifocal and progressive prescriptions as well as single vision ones, so every mom can look her best.


Pretty in Purple


Zenni 737717 $12.95


Grandmothers as well as first-time moms tend to be flattered by this perfectly purple, acetate half-rim, fashion frame. Its color and medium size seem to adjust awesomely to a variety of eye colors, skin tones, face shapes and ages. There’s even a pretty silver accent at each temple for added glamor.


Lean and Green


Zenni 863624 $6.95


This is a compact, lightweight frame that’s ideal for Spring/Summer 2013. Available only in single vision prescriptions, the appealing green finish is metal alloy with hypoallergenic stainless steel at the temples. The nose pads help keep a busy mom’s glasses in place while the coated temple arm tips provide added comfort. At this amazing price, this is one must-have frame!


True and Blue

Zenni 222516 $15.95


With a gorgeous, deep blue front on this trendy half-rim frame, you also get dreamy lighter blues on white temple arms. All that fabulous blue and white adds up to one refreshingly- styled, contemporary frame to suit any mom, mom-to-be or grandma.  Really, this is the ideal Summer 2013 frame for women and moms of any age, as it flatters many faces while looking as fresh as a ocean breeze!


Open to Style

Zenni 629745 $29.95


This is a smokin’ look hot off the press! This frame offers great value as it will not only coordinate with a spring or summer wardrobe, but will transition nicely with fall and winter fashions. (Think slim-fitting, tailored coats!) The frame’s open temple design in eye-catching, ornamental metal will accent any mom’s unique style. The dark tortoiseshell pattern is artistically random for glamorous appeal and this new arrival frame is available in progressive or bifocal as well as single vision.

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Trendy 2013 Budget Women’s Eyewear Looks For Under $20

By now, it shouldn’t be a secret that awesome glasses can be had on even the strictest eye care budget. Not only that, it can be downright satisfying to find good quality, affordable eyewear that’s also trendy and stylish. Everyone loves a bargain and why pay more than you have to for eyeglasses that make you look good while helping you see better? Here’s our top Under $20 trendy glasses picks for women for 2013:

Zenni 268819


Here’s one fashionably fabulous frame that makes our heart skip a beat. The perfect shade of red and a trendy translucent look combine for a modern, medium- sized frame to punch up your wardrobe in any season. From accessorizing bright, warm weather hues to enlivening cold weather dark tones, this delicious red frame is just right as a trendy fashion accessory that you can wear anywhere. Try it on because you may be happily surprised. Many face shapes and skin tones are flattered by this frame!


Zenni 271516



We’re in love with this doubly cool frame that looks like it should cost a lot more than it does. The translucent front section is a cool pale blue just so right for Spring/Summer 2o13. It makes us think of refreshing ice in poolside drinks, but this trendy frame is also ideal for the office. Imagine wearing the Zenni 271516 with a lightweight blouse paired with business length dress shorts or a Summer suit. The arms of these glasses are cool in an arty way and are lightweight to provide well-fitting comfort. The arm pattern features contrasting warmer tones combined with blue and white to add up to one practical, wearable fashion accessory slash vision corrector!


Zenni  237823



This sophisticated, full rim frame is made of durable, two-toned plastic for a reliable “go to” pair of glasses. The transparent look is trending now and the clear center front combined with the translucent brown edges add such superb style at a very affordable price. Another plus of this Zenni 237823 fashion frame is that it tends to flatter a wide range of face shapes, skin tones and ages although it also works best on smaller faces.


Zenni    272825



Tortoiseshell is on the hot trends list for both Spring/Summer 2013 and Fall/Winter 2013. In Fashion Week in New York in February, tortoiseshell sunglasses were shown with soft grays and black in coat, pant and sweater combinations. One of Pantone’s trendy neutrals for Spring/Summer 2013 is a soft, pale, peachy-tan called “Linen” which can be worn with tortoiseshell eyewear for awesome updated looks for vacation styles or office wear. We like to accessorize tortoiseshell glasses with a big, stylish tote bag in leather or straw.



Zenni 555116



This hypoallergenic stainless steel frame is like a breath of fresh air and just as easy to wear. The trendy, rectangular style has an airy appeal plus adjustable, silicone nose pads to help prevent slipping. The half rim combined with the dark blue color makes these Zenni 555116 eyeglasses a great bargain to wear through all of the seasons. This frame looks super-flattering on many different face shapes, ages and skin colors.


Zenni 807116



What an affordable way to own the transparent eyewear trend — literally! This durable, plastic frame in cool, translucent blue offers a clean, refreshing style essence that’s ideal for the watery blues and minty greens seen in fashions for Spring/Summer 2013. Wearing this frame is a great way not only to stay on the transparent accessory trend, but also change up darker, heavier frames that you may have worn in the Winter. The short lens height and medium-narrow width bring the focus where it should be — to your eyes. Stay and look cool this Summer with this Zenni 807116 fashion frame!


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Tortoiseshell Frames And The Stars Who Love Them

With the appealing variety of brown tones — everything from rich cocoa to golden tan — tortoiseshell makes for fashionable frames for movie stars and mere mortals alike. There are also lighter and darker versions of the tortoise pattern as well as thick and thin frame styles. Really, we have not met a person yet who can’t carry off some version of tortoiseshell, so try on different colors, patterns and looks to bring out your best tortoise look ever.


Here are some celebs who look absolutely stunning in tortoiseshell eyewear frames:


The Geek Squad


Both Geek Chic glasses and tortoiseshell frames are trending this Fall, so why not combine the two? Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart show us the right way to do it by looking so amazing. As her character Jess Day on New Girl, Deschanel is a trendsetter by making everyone want the darling look of long wavy hair and Oliver Peoples’ tortoise nerd glasses that are oversized and so completely awesome.


Hathway makes dorkdom model perfect as she shows us geek glasses can definitely be worn with the fanciest evening gowns. Lindsay Lohan will probably show us how great tortoishell nerd eyewear looks with an orange jumpsuit, but we can count on Jennifer Aniston to wear her geek glasses in public as she is prone to do.


Earlier this month, amidst her Robert Pattinson scandal, Kristen Stewart was photographed at airport security wearing geeky tortoiseshell glasses, jeans and the same white ‘Irie’ emblazoned t-shirt R-Patz was seen wearing months before. It should be a crime to look as wonderfully casual as Kristen did in a baggy guys’ t-shirt and her hair all long and messy. Bravo!


Round And Round We Go


Round tortoiseshell frames tend to look intellectual, stylish and unique all at once. They also suit many face shapes — except round as there can be just a bit too much roundness accentuated. Will.I.Am, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp and NBA fave, Russell Westbrook, all carry off round tortoise eyewear fabulously.


Will.I.Am has metal accents on his tortoiseshell frames, while one of our favorite looks for Julia Roberts is her thin-edged tortoise glasses worn with her hair blonde and long. The intensity of circular patterned frames gives Johnny Depp’s darkly intense eyes a run for their money, while Russell Westbrook pairs the dramatic type of eyewear with equally eye-catching animal print shirts.


What’s Your Angle?


Some folks just really look perfect in the classic, rectangular Ray-Ban Clubmaster style of glasses. Justin Timberlake is literally the poster boy (poster man?) for these and he looks incredible with black tortoiseshell frames starring in a jeans and white t-shirt ensemble. For the women, we have Leona Lewis who pairs bright pink lipstick and dark tortoiseshell frames for a wow! look that makes her stand out (in a good way) anywhere.


For awesome rectangular sunnies with tortoise frames, Zac Efron, in Oliver Peoples’ Wilder is quite the eye candy. The Wilder frames are super classy looking with metal-edged lowers and style-conscious, streaky-patterned tortoise markings on the uppers and sides.


Glamor Girls


Don’t over-sized, Jackie O style, tortoiseshell sunglasses just shout out “Hey, I’m glamorous?” We think so, and so must Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and many other female celebs whose last names end in ‘A.’


Also loving the appeal of big tortoise sunnies are Heidi Klum, who’s been spotted wearing Ralph Lauren eyewear and Katie Holmes, donning Dolce and Gabbana tortoiseshell frames.

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