“Fantastic Frame, Lenses and Workmanship!”

I had my eyes checked at the VA and the glasses they gave me were bifocal an ok looking wire frame for which I am grateful to have! I was not use to bifocals because I had worn progressive lenses for so long I just couldn’t get use to the regular bifocals. I didn’t want to spend $500 for a pair of glasses that were ‘extra’.

The places that say get 2 for $89.99 don’t tell you that offer is for simple lens and frames. I continued to look around for a good deal on a quality pair of glasses. I came across a web site that sounded good and for a $1 they’d send me 4 frames to try, the catch was I rtn them in 5days.
They looked good but again real cost was $200! Eureka, I found Zenni! I was concerned that I couldn’t hold the frames and try them on,but the price! Ok, I picked a frame I had been wanting to try and I couldn’t believe the cost! $92 and I had a 1st rate pair of glasses! I had the script with the PD so it was all a cake walk to order! I received the glasses and I’m very pleased! Fantastic frame, lenses and workmanship! Quality all around! I’ve told friends about how I got my glasses and they are impressed as well!

Barry C.

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