Buy 2 Get 1! 4th of July Savings From Zenni Optical

In case last week’s awesome selection of Red, White, & Blue amazingness didn’t hit you right in the patriotism, Zenni is offering a special savings bundle on Fourth of July glasses. From July 1 through the end of July 7, enter the promo code BUY2GET1 at checkout to enjoy three new pairs for the price of two. Why? Because it’s the right time for sunglasses love.

Why buy two get one free? Maybe you want three pairs of glasses so you can alternate between red, white, and blue all day. Maybe you want matching glasses with and without sunglass lenses, as well as an alternate color. Or maybe you’re just stocking up for the summer.

Whatever the reason, it’s great knowing summer is one of the best times to take advantage of all that value. Shop sunglasses for the whole family and throw the savings into the travel jar for a great trip later, probably to somewhere warm where you’ll be grateful for stylish, high-quality sunglasses.

You’re probably looking at these frames that we love to use as sunglasses and thinking about how to look great while taking care of your eyes. Sunglasses offer more than just facial style. They also provide essential protection to your eyes, shielding them from the ultraviolet rays that would otherwise damage the tissue, potentially leading to near-term discomfort and serious health risks in the long term.

With a range of sunglasses, you have the gear you need to stay healthy, whether on a wonderful summer vacation somewhere that the sun shines especially bright our just out for a walk, as well as the options to match so you look good doing it.

The Fourth makes the perfect occasion to invest in your summer eyewear for all these reasons and more. Most people spend the entire day outside, the weather tends to be hot and sunny, and these factors combine to assail your eyes. Throw on a bargain pair of trending Zenni shades to protect yourself from this barrage.

Don’t miss out on Zenni’s biggest sale of the summer, just in time for the Fourth. Standard Terms, Conditions, and return policies apply as usual.

8 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Does the 3rd pair of glasses for your promo have to match the price of another pair of glasses in my order?

  2. Kelly Huston says:

    I went to order my glasses, but I didn’t get my promo code for buy 2 get one free.
    Thank you

  3. Barry Spence says:

    I’m trying to place an order, and I’m having a hell of a time with logging on. Please help!

  4. Mike Neale says:

    What gives? I just placed an order, and nowhere along the order process did I get a spot to enter the promo code.

  5. Khwaja Rahman says:

    I am trying to buy three pairs and the BUY2GET1 promo code is not working. What are the conditions for this promotion?

  6. Larry says:

    The frames on the last pair of glasses I ordered are defective little screws striped year hold lenses stripped.

  7. MKRamon says:

    just bought 2 glasses using the promo code BUY2GET1 but system does not give me chance to select the get 1 free glass. How can I go about claiming that extra free glass.

  8. Joseph Formosa says:

    I’m trying to order for the first time but , I’m find it difficulty to understand if i’ll order single pd or dual pd when pd means Pupillary distance.


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