“Frame Friday” Roundup: Glasses Care and Holiday Travel Tips

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the serious holiday travel season. Whether going to visit relatives for a week, making the trek home after Thanksgiving only to turn around for another trip in a few weeks, or planning a longer vacation somewhere exciting, if you use corrective eye wear, you need to account for your glasses.

Most importantly, bring a backup pair and a glasses case for each. You don’t have to worry about finding a suitable replacement if you lose or break your primary pair as long as you have a backup. And if you are going somewhere sunny, either plan for contacts, or get an affordable pair of prescription sunglasses such as one of the many affordable options we offer.

A classes case for each pair makes packing easier and protects your glasses from damage. Just throw your extra pair in your carry on and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking. If you’re taking a long trip out of the United States, you might even want to bring a second backup in your checked bags, so don’t forget the case for that pair either. A microfiber glasses cloth is especially nice on long trips.

Some people prefer contacts for trips because as long as you can keep your hands sanitary enough for removing them before sleep, they reduce the chances of losing or breaking your essential eye wear. They make a good backup, but you have to deal with cleaning solution or purchase expensive disposables. With just a bit of caution and planning, you can bring the right extra pairs of glasses and protective cases to ensure you can enjoy all the beauty that any trip offers.

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  1. Concerned says:

    We cannot find information on how to clean eyeglasses anywhere on zennioptical.com nor via internet search. Please have this under FAQ – this is eyeglasses 101! How best to clean glasses and how best to store them – exactly how they should lie in a case, and how to store the clip on sunshade – over the glasses, in a different case or what – please describe and show photos and/or images for these how to’s (is it best to run water over them then use cloth, or use a liquid and a cloth or what). Also, please revert back to previous faces for trying on frames. The new ones are awful by comparison. Please keep the main face from before – female oval, short dark hair and two older faces with white hair – one female and one male – their face shapes and where there eyes/brows are were excellent for reference. New faces – two teenage boys especially look like bums. New faces do not show full face in Firefox, only upper face. Sorry, but we do care – have been Zenni clients for years. Thank you. We tried sending this via comment via Firefox but got no confirmation that messasge was sent to Zenni.

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