“Frame Friday” Roundup: Spring Equinox

Yesterday, Thursday March 20, was the Spring Equinox. If you weren’t already dusting off your coolest specs and considering a new pair of glasses, now is clearly the time. From frozen to thaw to a perfectly decent day, the Equinox gave most of the East a reprieve from this brutal winter.

If you were out watching everyone enjoy the warmth, you probably saw a lot of people sporting bright, shiny glasses, glowing with the desire for spring to start in earnest.

How does the not-so-subtle beginning of spring draw people outside and lead them to don brighter colors and sometimes even a lighter step?

It’s difficult to articulate explicitly, but you know the feeling well. That mix of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm about all the possibilities now that going outside is fun again can’t be ignored.

It’s kinda like the feeling you get when you try on a new pair of shoes or glasses and they fit perfectly, matching not just the size and shape of your face (or feet), but also matching you.

The Equinox marks the moment twice a year when the Sun is directly over the Equator, and thus when the Earth’s tilt begins its transition to the coming season’s position. In the case of spring, the Earth’s axis is tilting so that the Sun will be over the Northern Hemisphere, bringing on warmer seasons.

Ancient peoples celebrated the equinoxes and solstices (there are two of each every year), often using stone “calendars” that had Indiana Jones type effects for that one day a year when the Sun is in the right position.

We might not have the benefit of unique stone temples designed to harness the equinox Sun perfectly to point out the correct door to enter the forbidden temple and find the treasure. But that doesn’t mean city streets don’t change magically when the Sun starts to come out.

Don’t believe me? I think there’s a show tune that explains it pretty convincingly. Why wait to see if the Sun’ll come out… tomorrow. With an exciting new pair of Zenni glasses and the Spring Equinox behind us, today is probably the perfect day to get outside and enjoy that burst of energy.

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  1. Leela Rameshwar says:

    Require new Frame # 671021 as replacement.

    • Leela Rameshwar says:

      Please ship to:-
      Leela Rameshwar
      1156 Fairfield Meadows Dr.
      Weston, FL.33327-1813

      • Thanks for supplying your address, Leela. However, as indicated in the response to your previous message on the Frame Friday blog, you will need to place a new order on the website for the replacement frame, which will be half price. Once again, we recommend that you telephone our customer service department, at 800-211-2105, and the representative who answers will be happy to assist you.

    • Thanks for your message, Leela. I was sorry to learn that one of the temple arms broke on your frame 671021, as noted in our database when you telephoned customer service this morning. As the representative with whom you spoke advised, you may order a replacement frame 671021 at half price ($11.98). When you go to the website to place the frame-only order, on the checkout page you will see a box for special instructions. In that box, write a note to the lab to request that they include the full repair kit (this is free), so you will easily be able to replace the broken temple arm with the new one. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to telephone customer service, at 800-211-2105, for further assistance. Thanks again for your message, Leela.

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