Have Glasses, Will Travel: How To Store Eyewear On Vacation

Whether you stay at a fancy hotel or rough it in a tent this summer, storing and caring for your prescription glasses and/or sunglasses is something that should definitely be planned for during your trip preparations. Here are some of our best tips for vacation eyewear storage:

Don’t forget the cleaning cloths! Drying or polishing your eyeglasses on your t-shirt or with a paper towel can scratch the coatings. Only a microfiber cleaning cloth made for eyewear lenses should be used and it’s so easy to take along and use anywhere.

Eyeglass Cases and Cleaning Cloths for only $2.20!
glasses case and cleaning cloth

Zenni has many colors and patterns of both cloths and cases available. Just click on the image above to view more choices in the online catalog.
Get a case! Always use at least a soft case for your eyeglasses or sunglasses for storage when you’re not wearing them. Choosing a brightly colored case is not only a fun idea for vacation travel, but it may help prevent the likelihood of you forgetting your glasses in a restaurant or stop someone from stepping on them at the beach.
Sunshades are your friend. A great way not to have to worry about both your prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses is to consider adding a matching clip-on sunshade to your Zenni prescription eyewear order for double duty in one pair.

Hard cases are helpful. Especially if you’ll be traveling with children, you may want to use hard storage cases rather than soft ones to add a little more protection for kids’ and adults’ eyewear.
Be prepared! It’s usually a good idea to carry a spare pair of glasses and sunglasses for each member of the family
Fun for the family. Letting kids decorate their plastic glasses case with stickers can provide a fun vacation activity and get them more interested in caring for their eyewear too.
Fun Children’s Sunglass Chains for only $1.95!
children's sunglass chain
Click on the image above to see all of the fun children’s sunglass chains from Zenni! There are tons of great colors and styles to choose from.

Use ‘em don’t lose ‘em! An eyeglasses chain can help prevent children from losing their sunglasses on the beach, playground or anywhere
Easy storage. At the cottage or hotel, kids’ sunglasses on chains can be hung on hooks (or over a towel bar or clothes hanger) for out-of-the-way storage
That goes for you “grown-ups” too! Adults can benefit from having sunglasses chains on vacation too and Zenni has styles and colors to suit everyone.
Adult Glasses Chains starting at only $3.95!
adult glasses chain
Zenni has an amazing selection of glasses chains for adults too. Click the image above to browse our styles!
Road trip tip: Use a clip! On the road, store sunglasses in one of the many visor clips available on the market rather than trying to twist eyewear arms to try to keep your glasses overhead.  A secure sunglasses-holding clip means you don’t have to worry about the glasses falling and distracting you from keeping your eyes on the road. For storing eyewear in cases during road trips, a back-of-the-seat type of nylon organizer with different compartments can work well.

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    We cannot find information on how to clean eyeglasses anywhere on zennioptical.com nor via internet search. Please have this under FAQ – this is eyeglasses 101! How best to clean glasses and how best to store them – exactly how they should lie in a case, and how to store the clip on sunshade – over the glasses, in a different case or what – please describe and show photos and/or images for these how to’s (is it best to run water over them then use cloth, or use a liquid and a cloth or what). Also, please revert back to previous faces for trying on frames. The new ones are awful by comparison. Please keep the main face from before – female oval, short dark hair and two older faces with white hair – one female and one male – their face shapes and where there eyes/brows are were excellent for reference. New faces – two teenage boys especially look like bums. New faces do not show full face in Firefox, only upper face. Sorry, but we do care – have been Zenni clients for years. Thank you.

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