“I Believe in What I Can See and Touch”

Hi, my name is Patrick and i’m from Turin, Italy.

My story is like most of the stories out there, same as many Zenni customers’ ones. Since I was a child I suffered from Myopia. Well, not exactly true. It started as a light astigmatism that evolved in Myopia as time went by (thanks also to a school accident, where one of my classmates literally shot me in the right eye with a little paperball…). Anyway. I was the son of immigrants, and as in many countries around the world, immigrants, foreign workers and foreigners in general are not very “full” of money. My first eyeglass was a very simply one, with the common steel frame. It costed my family 50 Euros for the frame and aorund 120 for each lens. They broke like one year later. 290 Euro wasted like burned paper.

My family comes from the Philippines. When we went back for one of our summer holiday there, we bought from a (pseudo)shop some plastic-rim eyeglasses. At the time I thought they were stylish (I was like 14 years old). They broke something like two years later. Other 200 Euro wasted.

From then i started using contact lens. They improved my life quality. But as i grown up i felt like i needed also a pair of eyeglasses as a backup, in case anything happened with contact lens while i was wearing them (EG: dried lens, fallen and destroyed, getting dirty etc.).

At the time I went to a local shop and they told me I would have to spend 300 Euro for the same kind of pair I’ve owned first, back in 2006, the ones that broke in one year.I didn’t buy them, hell, 300 Euro, I could by a new computer with all that money! So i sticked again with contact lenses for some time again.

I was thinking of buying eyeglasses online from eventual Italian Online Retailers, but found out that it’s illegal in Italy to buy prescrition glasses online from a shop located in Italy (something like you need a optometrist to physically be with you the exact moment and in the same location when you buy the glasses).

So, frustrated, i didn’t know what to do. Ironically i typed on Google “Eyeglasses for very poor”, I was discouraged and I thought I would not read anything useful. But then, a link to a Yahoo! Answer topic caught my attention: a very poor folk was looking for cheap eyeglasses for his kids and a user recommended trying “Zenni Optical”, stating he could buy a pair of prescription glasses for 6.95 $ (3-4 Euros). I was very skeptic and checked your website. By then, i was very curious, so curious that i’ve ordered my first pair from you with the little money i had in my Paypal Card (I am a High School student, still living with my parents and my pocket money earned by giving private english lessons).I spent like 16.50$ (13 Euro) for a 6.95 $ pair ( 4 Euro). They arrived 4 Days later, with FedEx and i was incredulous! I always thought it was just a scam, but then i had in my hand a pair of real eyeglasses, the same style as the first one i’ve owned, with the difference of nearly 200 Euro.

Since that day i’ve ordered two pairs, the latest one the one i love most and use everyday (see picture). I’ve received a lot of compliments for this stylish pair, although my parents and some friends are still skeptical about them, stating that they came and were made in China and they could be possibly dangerous for my eye, given the fact that most of what is made in China is of very low quality.

But I don’t believe them. I believe in what I can see and touch.

I believe in Zenni Optical. And I’m very happy.

Patrick B.

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