“I Could Not Be More Impressed!”

I could not be more impressed! I recently lost all of my healthcare/insurance. I never realized how much my glasses were without it until I needed a new pair. I couldn’t afford the $700.00 the other place quoted me. I came across Zenni through a family member. I purchased 5 pair of glasses for less than $100.00, that included all of the “frills”-anti everything! I literally had to narrow it down to just 5 pair! I’m so pleased with my glasses! Shipping was fast and each pair of glasses was wrapped in a cleaning cloth inside individual cases! I tell everyone I know about Zenni! Also, had to talk to customer service one day… I felt as if we were face to face…THANK YOU ZENNI!!!

Mandi M.

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  1. Jim Byrd says:

    I have worn contacts for years but have recently decided to try glasses again. What sulggestions do you have to help me get used to glasses?

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