“I LOVE THEM! They Are a Perfect Fit”

I am the world worst about keeping something too long. My last pair of glasses I had worn since 2009, and my husband was wanting me to get new glasses. I went and got my eyes checked and stopped by my local eye store to check on the cost for a set of frames and lenses and was told that the pair i wanted would run about $150.00 for a regular pair after everything was said and done.

I had seen the Zenni Optical link on Facebook and thought i would check them out… I was a little worried about using them as I wouldn’t be able to hold them in my hand or see a on my face fit, but figured for the cost what could it hurt to try … I ordered 2 pair, one regular and a second tinted all the time for sunglasses. I paid a mere 26.35 and crossed my finger for the best… Well I received them in the mail today, and have to say ” I LOVE THEM” they are a perfect fit, very attractive looking, great quality …..I will only get my glasses from Zenni from this point out and plan on ordering another pair next payday…..
Emilia T.

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