Now I can look like Penelope Garcia

I have always had the desire to have an eyewear wardrobe that rivals that of Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. With a limited budget, that was a drawn out process until a fellow actor referred me to your site. I’ve bought two pair of glasses so far — the prescription is dead-on and the glasses are adorable. I figure by Christmas, i might have Penelope beat! I think eyeglasses make for great accessories and a great reflection of my spirit and mood on any given day.

I love Zennioptical and I have been telling EVERYONE about the site.

Name: Patricia
State: CO

3 Responses

  1. sam says:

    thanks a lot ….u really helped
    i watched criminal minds and i always was jealous of Garcia …
    even thou i only wear reading glasses but still i love funky and wired glasses
    so thank u a lot really thanks (^-^)

  2. Shannon White says:

    I love Penelope’s new glasses for 2012… They are pink and red and I really want them! Does anyone know what brand and style they are?? Please help me out here!!

  3. Moneke Morrison says:

    penlope’s pink and red glasses, where can i get them?

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