Frame Friday: Cookout Looks for the 4th


As you know, 4th of July is a favorite holiday at Zenni: We love fireworks, parades and spending time with family. The best part, though, is the outdoor cookouts. Chicken, burgers, even tofu tastes better when cooked on a grill. Naturally, you’ll want to look your best while hanging out around the grill, so we’ve selected some frames that are awesome as sunglasses:



You want a classic look? We have one for you. These full-rim, tortoise shell frames with metal temples give you a serious look while also protecting your eyes against glare. If you are looking to not shock your relatives during a family barbeque, grab these and impress everyone with your maturity.



Another classic look for men, and these are hypoallergenic, even. This means that you probably won’t have to worry about these frames triggering a rash, though you’ll still need to take your Claritin if being outdoors in the summer gives you the sniffles. But seriously: These are the frames to wear if you want to be taken seriously. With tinted lenses, you’ll look like you work for a government agency.

If you are the type of person who oveheats easily, check out these cool blue/green frames, then go find a nice hammock under a shady tree. These frames will look great with just about every skin tone: Tan, pale or somewhere in-between. Classic styling and a solid color also allows you to wear these just about anywhere from the beach to the boardroom.


These tortoiseshell frames and gold temples offer a sleek, sophisticated look for a cookout. Plus, the smaller frames give you sun protection while letting friends and family see more of your beautiful face while catching up over a plate of food.


Hey there, glamorpuss! If you want to attract attention, you could do a lot worse than these rhinestone-studded full rim frames. Pair these with some serious red lipstick or gloss, and you’ll be the talk of the cookout. They’ll also look great if you decide to hit the bars later in the evening.


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Why Your Glasses Are A Great Conversation Starter

I recently started wearing glasses and no one at work said a thing. This surprised me as these were in-your-face glasses, so big and wine-red that you had to be in need of a pair yourself not to notice them. How could they resist?

It was as if they were too polite. Or maybe they just didn’t have the words for the new me. After all, I had undergone a complete makeover overnight. And so they continued to smile their polite smiles without ever saying a word. I let this go on for a day. And then I got sick of it.
I could have simply asked: “So, what do you think of my new glasses?” I knew that would put an end to all the politeness. Instead, I decided to embrace the new me, to really give them something to talk about.
Each day I reinvented myself. One day, I was sleek and sophisticated with my wine-red frames. The next, I went with a simple, circular and Lennonesque pair. But still, I didn’t get noticed. So I went baby blue and glittery. And that did the trick. Or so I thought.
It was Molly, my colleague, who noticed first. “There’s something different about you today. I can’t put my finger on it,” she said, “Oh, now I see it… You got a haircut!”  I couldn’t believe it. A haircut! And so I let her have it: “Today I’m a baby blue pixie. Yesterday I was a Lennon impersonator. And the day before that, I indulged the geek in me.”
A mistaken haircut was all it took. Suddenly, the spell had been broken. Before I knew it, I was being complimented on my glitz and glam. They even asked me where I got them. Someone else remarked that I couldn’t have found a more perfect pair.
They liked the new me and suddenly, my glasses were the most talked about accessory in the office. At least they were for the last 20 minutes of that day.
Here’s what I learned through the process: your glasses can be the most powerful conversation starter you have. You just need to know how to use them. In my case, it took a few bold attempts before people really noticed. But once I brought it up, none of that mattered. Once I gave them permission, my bold frames became the topic of conversation.
Whether you’re a veteran glasses wearer or a newbie looking to get the most out of your frames, here are some tips for you.
1. Introduce Yourself
Unless people know you well, they’re unlikely to comment on your glasses. That’s your job. You need to start the conversation. Show people there’s something to talk about. A simple, “So, do you like my new glasses?” would suffice. Be sure to draw attention to the fact that they’re new glasses. This is a great way to get a conversation going. Keep in mind that this won’t work on complete strangers. They might mistake this for a pick up line.
2.  Let The Glasses Do The Talking
If you want your glasses to do the talking, you need a pair of statement glasses. These aren’t picked because they’re functional or comfortable. These specs intrigue people so much that they can’t help but say something. It might be something as simple as, “Oh, I love your glasses”. That’s enough to get the conversation flowing.
3. A New Look, A New You
Maybe statement glasses aren’t your thing. We’re not all cut out for that. They require loads of confidence to pull off. If you’re not in the mood to get chatty with people, I suggest you leave them at home. There is a more simple way to start conversations. Variety!
One pair of glasses is not enough. You need at least 5. With a variety, you can reinvent yourself every other day. And nothing says come talk to me like a new look. Again, a lot depends on the glasses you choose. Think of how you want people to respond and how you want people to perceive you.
Maybe you want to make people laugh. Or perhaps, you’re looking for something more authoritative. Keep your purpose in mind because people will ask. And if you choose your glasses correctly, people get curious. Trust me.
For most people, glasses start off as a functional necessity. But if you know how to wear them, they can quickly become one of the most intriguing accessories you own.

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Buy 2 Get 1! 4th of July Savings From Zenni Optical

In case last week’s awesome selection of Red, White, & Blue amazingness didn’t hit you right in the patriotism, Zenni is offering a special savings bundle on Fourth of July glasses. From July 1 through the end of July 7, enter the promo code BUY2GET1 at checkout to enjoy three new pairs for the price of two. Why? Because it’s the right time for sunglasses love.

Why buy two get one free? Maybe you want three pairs of glasses so you can alternate between red, white, and blue all day. Maybe you want matching glasses with and without sunglass lenses, as well as an alternate color. Or maybe you’re just stocking up for the summer.

Whatever the reason, it’s great knowing summer is one of the best times to take advantage of all that value. Shop sunglasses for the whole family and throw the savings into the travel jar for a great trip later, probably to somewhere warm where you’ll be grateful for stylish, high-quality sunglasses.

You’re probably looking at these frames that we love to use as sunglasses and thinking about how to look great while taking care of your eyes. Sunglasses offer more than just facial style. They also provide essential protection to your eyes, shielding them from the ultraviolet rays that would otherwise damage the tissue, potentially leading to near-term discomfort and serious health risks in the long term.

With a range of sunglasses, you have the gear you need to stay healthy, whether on a wonderful summer vacation somewhere that the sun shines especially bright our just out for a walk, as well as the options to match so you look good doing it.

The Fourth makes the perfect occasion to invest in your summer eyewear for all these reasons and more. Most people spend the entire day outside, the weather tends to be hot and sunny, and these factors combine to assail your eyes. Throw on a bargain pair of trending Zenni shades to protect yourself from this barrage.

Don’t miss out on Zenni’s biggest sale of the summer, just in time for the Fourth. Standard Terms, Conditions, and return policies apply as usual.

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Advice for the First Time Glasses Wearer

You can imagine how I felt when the optometrist told me I needed glasses. I was thrilled. I’d secretly always wanted a pair. And now, instead of accessorizing with that non-prescription pair I kept in my top drawer of my dresser, I had a reason to wear glasses without feeling like a poseur.
girl with purple glasses

This was the super sassy, new me. And I loved every purple bit of her.
Here’s my advice for anyone looking to buy their first pair of glasses.
1. Dress for Your Face

We all have different shaped faces. There are ovals, squares, rounds and even hearts. You need to find a pair that complements your shape. And this can be trickier than it sounds.
Square-shaped faces beware. You want round or oval eyeglasses in bold or dark colors. It’s best to stay away from geometric and square shapes as well as light-colored frames. You want eyeglasses that take the emphasis off your strong facial features.
Heart-shaped faces are a bit more challenging because of the broad forehead and small chin. Your best bet is glasses that help create balance. Oval and round shapes as well as light-colored frames are best as they help balance the widths of the face.
Round-shaped faces look good with wide lenses. Look for frames that draw attention to your cheekbones. It would be a pity not to show them off.
Perhaps the luckiest of them all, are the oval-shaped faces which can get away with almost anything. Stick with rectangular and square frames to be on the safe side though.
2. Dress for Comfort

Might seem like an obvious one, but it’s something I overlooked when I got glasses. Remember, these are going to be on your face for the long haul. Think long hours at the office. Dinners with family. And everything in between. Ask yourself: do these frames have what it takes to be there for me when I need them most?
Consider them carefully. How do the frames feel on your face? If you feel pinching or discomfort, you can always adjust the nose pads. But bottom line, if they aren’t built for comfort, the only place they’ll be is in their glasses case.
3. Dress for Every Occasion

When my boss first saw my bright purple glasses, he pulled a face. He was surprised. I’d been at the same company for two years without changing so much as my haircut. I played it safe: mauve blouses, elegant pants and the occasional scarf. These glasses were my attempt at changing all that. I wanted to reinvent myself and change how people saw me. Few of my colleagues had met the fun, outgoing side of me. And I thought these glasses would do the trick.
So did it work? I got my fair share of stares. People I’d passed countless times in the corridors or had seen in the lunch room, complimented me. Some even treated me differently. A colleague I’d said maybe 10 words to, loved my glasses so much that we started having regular lunches together. We’ve since become good friends. As for my boss, a man with an eye for colorful art, he soon took a liking to my glasses. And I’m happy to report that I now find him much more approachable. But colorful frames may not be suitable for your workplace.
I was lucky with my choice of glasses. Remember that your glasses need to look good in any situation they may find themselves in whether it’s a slinky black number or typing away at your daily 9 to 5.
Picking your first pair of glasses doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, I recommend having a little fun with it. Think of it as accessory shopping. After all, with Zenni Optical’s affordable prices you can easily purchase two, three, or even four pairs to suit any occasion.

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Show Off Your Tan in Style This Summer For Less Than $100!

If you plan to get some color this summer, show it off in a bare little summer dress and warm colors. We found some great pieces, plus an awesome pair of Zennis, that will keep you feeling cool and looking totally hot over the coming months. The best part? The whole outfit comes in at less than $100!

You won’t need to weigh yourself down with any jewelry when you wear these cream-colored frames with a touch of bling at the temples. While you can choose traditional clear lenses for these glasses (UV coating included!), you also have the option of choosing tinted lenses for additional protection against glare. Frame #238815 sells for $19.00.


Solid Thick Strap Babydoll Dress
The look begins with this peachy-keen, flowy babydoll sundress. The look is casual and the shape of this dress allows for plenty of air circulation, keeping you comfortable. Even better, it’s short enough that it could work over leggings or skinny jeans. It can also double as a beach coverup. You can find the dress at dELia*s for $28.


Pink Palm Tree Shopper Bag
OK, you may not have the cash to go somewhere fancy on your summer vacation, but you can still enjoy carrying this beautiful island sunset tote. Plenty of room for all your things and the sunset colors go great with your dress. Just $22 from New Look.


Sunset Sky Sandals
Flat, strappy sandals in a beautiful blush pink go great with this outfit and work well on both sand and pavement. They are also incredibly versatile and will perfectly complement many different style skirts, shorts, jeans and dresses. Just $30 from Mod Cloth.






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