“Thank You Zenni Optical. You are my Find of the Decade”

Thank you Zenni optical. You are my find of the decade. I ordered two pair of single vision, total $49, and they are just fine. No problems. I can’t wait to get some more – now glasses can really be fashion accesories, as I can have more than one pair every two years.
My story is that I am chemically sensitive and shopping in glasses stores was a great stress to me. Besides, I would be so affected by the scents, etc in the store, that I could not make a good decision about the frame style. I love sitting at home and putting the glasses on my face with your software. It is so relaxing, and I can try different pictures of me with different frames. So Cool.

And then the prices! Wow. It does end up costing a minimum of $300 per pair at EyeWhatever’s.
When my husband and I go in to get the 2 pair for cheap, we both get regular and sunglasses and end up spending at least $1000. Last year my husband lost his sunglasses within a few weeks and did not feel he could replace them right away. He plays golf in the Tucson sun and ended up with some eye damage from not wearing sunglasses. The clip on sunglasses? A stroke of genius.
So thank you again. It took about 1 month to get my glasses.

Cheryl S.

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