The Inside Out Einstein (Optical Illusion)

Now, this is a bit unbeliveable. Steven Fry has never been one to beat around the bush, he is almost as well known for signature dry british humor as he is for his rather robust twitter following. But even the stoic power of a british comedian has to be fascinated by this optical illusion of Albert Einstein…

You can literally watch this a thousand times and still get the same false impression of perspective. As Steven says ” Your Brain is programmed to recognize human faces” in other words your perception of seeing a “face” and expectation of it being a “face” becomes your reality… I had to dig a little deeper though before I was completely satisfied with this explanation. Wouldn’t you know it our old friend Dr. Richard Gregory offers up an explanation for what he dubs the “hollow face illusion
“The strong visual bias of favouring seeing a hollow mask as a normal convex face is evidence for the power of top-down knowledge for vision.”
In Short: your perception of seeing a “face” and you expectation of it being a “face” becomes your reality.
fascinating stuff.

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