“Try Different Prescriptions at a Low Cost”

It’s great to be able to try different prescriptions at low cost. I start with the optometrist prescription then buy several pairs with slightly different powers for different uses. I have progressives for out and about, tinted single-vision for golf, a pair for computer use, another for reading books, and another for close work on electronic circuit boards. The whole set cost me less than what Lens Crafters charges for a single pair (unless you are really good at avoiding their up-sell).

My wife bought four pair with a range of powers, starting with her prescription, and picked the ones that work best for different uses. One of them was a quarter point stronger than her distance prescription. It was intended for TV viewing, but she found it to be better for general use than the real prescription, because she can see middle distances better with only a barely-perceptible degradation in full distance vision.

Mitch B.

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