Weekly Optical illusion “The Kindergarten Illusion”


more commonly known as the “Cafe Wall illusion” this is a common optical gem that consists of scattered white and black bars which completely throws off your spatial senses. The discovery and description of this particular type of optical trick is attributed to British Psychologist Richard Gregory who first made the observation in the 1970′s that the tiling and the positioning on a cafe wall of black and white bars threw off the appearance that the tiles were tilted (which in reality…they are not)

The use of this striking pattern is extremely common on buildings and within optical illusions, and the odds are pretty likely that you yourself have seen this phenomenon first hand. Dr. gregory and his staff apparently discovered it themselves (ostensibly out of boredom) while they were analyzing the tile of a cafe across from their office.

So what do you think? Have you seen any instances of the Cafe Wall Illusion around your town?

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