“Wow Wow Wow Thank You Zenni”

Wow Wow Wow thank you Zenni! My mum And I sat down and ordered a pair of glasses for her from Zenni the week before that I just paid $1000 dollars for my new prescription glasses. OUCH! After seeing how much mum was going to pay for one pair of glasses with postage I thought “well I will wait see what mums are like first” Mum’s arrived and wow wow wow those glasses were great, looked so nice and were a perfect prescription, so of course mum ordered another pair and I ordered two for $189 with postage. I got my glasses today, and I am so happy with them they are so nice, fit perfect and are so comfortable, so glad we found your website Zenni and we are recommending you to all our friends. Thanks heaps Zenni at your price we can afford a different pair of glasses for each day of the week LOL!

-Deanne F.

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