“I Remembered the Zenni Ads I Had Seen on FaceBook”

I had Lasik surgery back in ’09; and ONLY needed glasses for when I worked on the computer, or for reading. I was CONSTANTLY buying several different pairs of “readers, and had racked up about 10-15 pairs between my job, the car and at home. I kept seeing these tv ads for “buy one/get one pair free” glasses, so I contacted 4 different companies to compare prices. When I decided on the company, went for the exam and to pick out my glasses-I was shocked! My TOTAL bill ran between $250-350! I remember the Zenni ads I had seen on the internet and FaceBook, so I gave it a shot.

I wasn’t under any obligation, and wanted to just see how much my ACTUAL bill was going to be. ALL included-$50! I initially thought that it was too good to be true; so I tested it out. I had given myself a $100 limit anyway. I received my glasses today- I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Thanks for living up to your promise of offering an AFFORDABLE solution to puchasing eyeglasses. I will tell EVERYONE I know about this company!!!!!

Juan W.

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