Zenni Optical is the Best!!!

My daughter lost a pair of $200.00 glasses that I purchased at Lens crafters. I was determined not to buy another pair of $200.00 glasses. I was searching online and found Zenni Optical. The site was easy to navigate along with step by step directions. The glasses arrived in a couple of weeks, and I took them in Lens Crafters and they even told me that the glasses were quality lens. I told them where I got them, and they said wow!! I have ordered for myself since then, and I am hooked. I tell everyone that know about Zenni Optical. In my photo you can see how nice the glasses are. And look at the detail on the side view of the glasses. Zenni Optical is definitely the best!!!

Name: Sylvia
State: Georgia

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  1. AW says:

    I have ordered glasses twice from Zenni and found them to be pf good quality. I like the fact that I can order serveral for a very good price and change my look.With Zenni you can afford to do that! I have told many folks about Zenni Optical and some have ordered from Zenni.
    I love Zenni Optical!

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